Queen Creek teen vying for national rodeo-queen honors

Nicole Speeding, a 17-year-old senior at Queen Creek High School, recently was crowned Arizona high-school rodeo queen for the second consecutive year.

Speeding will be vying for the national title against 47 other teens.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/community/pinal/articles/2012/06/25/20120625queen-creek-teen-vying-national-rodeo-queen-honors.html#ixzz1zFgd4ogS

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots Weekly Meeting

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots Weekly Meeting


Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots held their regular weekly meeting at the Feedbag Restaurant in Apache Junction on Thursday, June 28 at 6:30 PM.

Charlie Fox, candidate for the Apache Junction Fire Board and President of the Superstition Mountain Republican Club (www.ajsmrc.com) led the meeting tonight.  The 1st speaker was Todd House, candidate for County Supervisor (http://houseforsupervisor.com/) and Board member of the Apache Junction Fire Department (http://www.ajfire.org/) who said the board passed only a $0.20 tax increase but is using $800,000.00 of reserve funds to meet their proposed budget.  He also mentioned that one of the candidates running against him for Supervisor is advising people they are endorsed by Sheriff Babeu but the Sheriff has not made any endorsements.  The next speaker was Bill Bish who spoke about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare today and constitutionality.  The guest candidate speaker tonight was Anthony Gonzalez, candidate for Pinal County Superintendant of Schools (www.supportanthony.com) who spoke on his goals for the Superintendant office, defining it’s authorities and possibilities, and addressed questions from the audience.  Mark Hawthorne advised that the Pinal County People Radio show had its inaugural show last week Wednesday and is available through a link at the Pinal County People website (www.pinalcountypeople.com).

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots supports limited federal government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and returning political power to the states and the people. Everyone is welcome to come, listen and participate. If you would like to know more, please leave a message to be contacted. – PLH

District 4 Pinal County Republican Precinct Committeemen Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the District 4 Pinal County Republican Precinct Committeemen was held June 26, 2012, 7:00 PM at the Pinal County Justice of the Peace Court in Apache Junction.

District 4 Chairman, Beth Hallgren, introduced a full slate of speakers, in keeping with the members request to hear more from candidates.  Speakers were, Wil Cardon, candidate for U.S. Senate (http://www.wilcardon.com), Anthony Gonzalez, candidate for Pinal County Superintendant of Schools (http://www.supportanthony.com/) and Doug Wolf, candidate for Pinal County Assessor (http://www.wolfforaz.com/).  Scheduled speakers, Jill Broussard, candidate for Pinal County Superintendant of Schools and Tom Bearup, candidate for Pinal County Sheriff, (http://tombearup.com/) were unable to attend.

There was some discussion about Tisha Castillo, candidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 2 (http://www.tishacastillo.com/).  Ms Castillo, a long time Democratic party member and Precinct Committeeman, abruptly changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican just in time to submit  herself as a candidate for the County Supervisor seat vacated by Bryan Martyn, the sole Republican member of the current three member board.  Ms. Castillo’s application was resolutely protested by Pinal County Republicans but that has not stopped Ms Castillo from filing as a Republican candidate for the District 2 Supervisor.   There was also a general discussion of what could be done to support the candidates more as election season picks up speed.

The District 4 Pinal County Republican Precinct Committeeman meeting is a working group for the committeemen.  Precinct Committeemen represent the Republican voters of their precinct to the Republican party county level, provide information to their constituents and support candidates.  People are always welcome to contact their local PC’s with questions or concerns or comments. – PLH

Pinal’s Democratic Republican Candidate – June 26 edition of Shedding Light on Pinal County

[Editor:  I received the following email today and am reproducing it – unchanged – below.]

Rarely in politics do many uncover the Machiavellian games of smoke, mirrors and ploys used for personal gain rather than the advancement of the Party.  This is especially true in Casa Grande and the surrounding communities. My objective is to shed the “light of day” on Pinal County Republicanism, starting with this inaugural commentary.

When is a Republican Candidate also a Democratic Precinct Committeeman? How do you get this political hermaphrodite?  It happens when a Pinal BOS 2 candidate runs in the primary as a Republican because they are unelectable as a Democrat. In late April Tisha Castillo had an apparent miraculous change of heart and reregistered as a Republican at the last minute to apply for the BOS 2 seat vacated by Bryan Martyn. That was caught by the PCRC, addressed with the BOS, and made public in a press release. When she was unsuccessful in the appointment, even though she was promoted by Pete Rios, Ms. Castillo filed to run as a candidate in the Republican Primary for election in the new BOS 2. No Democratic candidate filed to run. So whoever wins the Republican primary will be the new District 2 Supervisor on Jan 1, 2013.

While applying for appointment as a Republican and then successfully filing to run for election as a Republican Ms. Castillo remained a Democratic PC. As a matter of fact she was a Democratic PC until June 20, almost two months after her filing for a Republican Appointment, as is readily found on the BOS consent agenda for June 20. If Ms. Castillo had had a sincere change in political beliefs or found that her Party had left her would she not have followed a far different timeline of first resigning as a Democrat PC, then registering as a Republican, getting involved with the Republican Party and, if it suited her, then perhaps running as a candidate. Her choice of timing raises significant questions on her intent and the intent of the Pinal Democratic Party.

How do you elect a Democrat in a Republican dominated area? By rebranding as a Republican, as was used in the Colorado Blueprint, aiming for the gullible and uninformed Republican primary voters.  As important as knowledge of Ms. Castillo’s political hermaphrodite nature is far more important is what can and what will the Republican PCs and PCRC do? If some in the PCRC had had their way in their desire to strip PCs of their right to vet, choose and endorse candidates in the Primary where would they be now being force to support a rebranded Democrat? How would you feel if those pushing that agenda had gotten their way and disarmed the Republican PCs and the PCRC? That is a story for a future edition.

PCs have an opportunity to address the issue with Ms. Castillo as well as start unseating Pinal Superintendent of Schools Orlenda Roberts. The San Tan Chamber of Commerce and President Tisha Castillo will be hosting a candidate forum for Pinal Superintendent of Schools with Democratic incumbent Orlenda Roberts and Republican Challengers Jill Broussard and Anthony Gonzales this Thursday, June 28, 7:30AM – 9:00AM, at the SRP Service Center, 3735 E. Combs Rd. I suggest the Republican challengers tag team Orlenda and the Republican PCs take advantage of the opportunity to take on both Tihsa, who will moderate, and Orlenda.

Happy hunting until the next edition,


[Editors note:  Diogenes was a famous Greek philosopher famous for his cynicism and carrying his lantern in search for an honest man]

Smithson discusses District 2 Supervisor appointment

Former Apache Junction Councilman and interim District 2 Supervisor Clark Smithson said he has big plans for his next seven months in office. Speaking with Today Publications, he said he plans to help prepare the County for its future five-Supervisor board and critically evaluate the real cost of San Tan Valley incorporation.


Who Knew What and When?

The debacle of the government’s “Fast and Furious” gun running operation is still an item of national interest.  Mainly, because it will show they lied to the American People and possibly, because they wanted to use it as a tool to eradicate the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.  Now you might wonder why a national news item like this would appear on the Pinal County People site?  Because a LOT of those guns went through Pinal County on their way to Mexico.

In May of 2011, Attorney General told Congress that the first time he had ever heard of Operation Fast and Furious was within the last few weeks.

Well ………………. the date of this video is March 24th, 2009.  You decide for yourself who knew what and when.

I Need Some Help, Please

I am looking for Citizens here in Pinal County who care about what is happening in their cities/towns who are willing to go to their town or city hall meetings on a weekly or monthly basis and write a report and send it into Pinal County People to be published.  If you send me a report I will be glad to put your by-line on the report unless you wish to remain anonymous. Please contact me if you are interested.  Here are the areas I am looking for:

Ak-Chin Village
Apache Junction*
Arizona City
Cactus Forest
Campo Bonito
Casa Blanca
Casa Grande*
Gold Canyon
Queen Valley
Red Rock
Sacaton Flats
San Manuel
San Tan Valley
Santa Cruz
Tat Momoli
Vaiva Vo

Paralyzed San Tan Valley veteran gets help from his friends

“It was one of those deals, you’d like to think it was going to happen but it seemed too good to be true,” said Sherwood, 65. “Then when you see it come forth, I was almost in tears when they got done.”

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/community/pinal/articles/2012/06/06/20120606paralyzed-vet-gets-help-from-his-friends.html#ixzz1y1M44Lcl