Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots Weekly Meeting – 07-26

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots ( regular bi-weekly (summer schedule) meeting was held at the Feedbag’ Restaurant in Apache Junction on Thursday, July 26 at 6:30 PM.  The schedule returns to every Thursday starting in August.

Judy Novalsky, group founder and candidate for Arizona District 16 State Representative ( led the meeting.  The guest speaker was Virginia Ross, candidate for Pinal County Recorder ( who spoke on the recent problems with possible voter fraud concerning keeping the voter rolls clean, verifying mail-in ballets and how the Recorder’s office currently handles such issues.  She also noted early Primary Election voting starts August 2nd.    Susan Fox advised a new movie “Obama’s America: 2016” is due to be released soon (  Todd House, candidate for Pinal County Supervisor – District 5 ( and current member of the Apache Junction Fire District Board of Directors ( advised the new Fire Station in Gold Canyon is officially open and the process of selecting a new Fire Chief candidate is presenting some interesting issues.  Various upcoming events were mentioned and Jeff Struble advised there was a resignation from the Superstition Mountains Community Facilities District (sewer) board.  Appointments for vacancies are made by the Apache Junction City Council and the application can be found on their website (  This is one of the not so glamorous but powerful positions that affects everyone in the district.

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots supports limited federal government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and returning political power to the states and the people. Everyone is welcome to come, listen and participate. If you would like to know more, please leave a message to be contacted.          -PLH

Pinal County supervisor hopeful John Enright quits

Fraud claims emerge after companion to Enright kept voting after her 2007 death

67 comments by Lindsey Collom – Jul. 26, 2012 08:43 AM The Republic |

A Pinal County supervisor candidate has withdrawn from the race in the wake of voter-fraud allegations involving a former companion who, records show, has continued to vote by absentee ballot in the five years since her death.

John Enright, 66, had been seeking the Republican nomination for county supervisor of District 5, an area that includes Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.

He withdrew from the race Wednesday in a letter to Pinal County Elections Director Steve Kizer. In a written statement issued hours later through his attorney, Enright said he entered the race “wanting to bring a voice to Pinal County government” but was leaving it “for several reasons, including an almost year-long battle with cancer.”

His statement made no mention of the scandal unleashed in an anonymous, undated letter sent several weeks ago to the Pinal County Recorder’s Office. As recently as this year, the letter alleged, someone had been filling out and mailing in absentee ballots addressed to a woman who died on Feb. 3, 2007. The woman, Sheila Nassar, and Enright lived together at the time of her death.

Nassar was 60 years old at her passing. Enright described her as his “former life companion” and high-school sweetheart in a YouTube video posted Saturday in response to the allegations. They were in “constant contact” in the years that followed, Enright said, and he moved to Arizona in 1996 to care for Nassar, who had multiple sclerosis. They built a handicapped-accessible home in Gold Canyon, he said — a residence he shares today with a wife.

In the YouTube video, Enright expressed surprise at the voter-fraud allegations, but he didn’t deny them.

“I do not know who is responsible for this, and at this time, it is difficult to respond to what are now assumptions, assertions and innuendos,” Enright said. “But what I can say is I look forward to learning more about these allegations. If they are indeed formal allegations, I will defend myself. I very much look forward to clearing my name.

“At this point, I simply ask voters in Pinal County to focus on the issues and take a critical eye towards allegations that are surfacing just … weeks before the election voting process begins.”

Pinal County Recorder Laura Dean-Lytle said her staff took the allegations seriously and turned over evidence to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. A spokesman there said he could “neither confirm nor deny an investigation into such a case.”

“This, in my opinion, is an absolute act of fraudulent voting,” Dean-Lytle said.

Voter fraud is a Class 6 felony.

She would not enumerate how many ballots issued to Nassar had been filled out and returned since her death. Records showed Nassar continued to be on the active voter rolls until officials received the anonymous note. She has since been removed.

“It used to be if somebody died and we didn’t have an obituary out of the newspaper, we didn’t know,” Dean-Lytle said. “And the laws protect the voter so that if you call me up and say, ‘Did you know Joe Smith died,’ I can’t go, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’ll take him off the roll.’ We have to have the documentation.”

In recent years, this information has come to recorders via an electronic database maintained by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. The program helps staff match motor-vehicle and vital records against voter-registration logs.

Aside from the database, recorder staff members handle each mail-in ballot to compare the signature on the ballot to the one on record. Dean-Lytle said there’s a chance that a fraudulent ballot would get pushed through if the signatures were close enough, but she doesn’t think that happens very often.

Early-voting ballots for the Aug. 28 primary are set to be mailed next week. A county elections official said Enright’s name will appear; the ballots were printed and delivered to the department more than a week ago. For now, elections officials only plan to post notices of Enright’s withdrawal at the polls.

Pinal County Candidate Forum at MountainBrook Village, Gold Canyon

A Pinal County Candidate Forum was held at the MountainBrook Village Activity Center,( Gold Canyon on July 25, 2012.  The forum presented candidates for Assessor, Supervisor District 5 and Sheriff.

The forum began with a Meet and Greet at 5:30 pm.  Attendees had the opportunity to circulate, talk to some of the candidatures and collect information.  The program was introduced at 6:30 pm by MountainBrook Village Board of Directors member, Sue Wright and MountainBrook Village Communications Committee member Pam Burke.  Moderator for the evening, former Pinal County Supervisor and current State Parks Director, Bryan Martyn welcomed the participating candidates and explained the format and rules of the forum.  Each candidate had 2 minutes for an opening statement.  Each candidate responded to a question given to them ahead of time by the committee and then extemporaneously to one or two questions chosen from written questions submitted by the audience.  Finally, each candidate would have 2 minutes for a closing statement.  The audience was asked to hold applause until the end of each round of responses to conserve time and preserve courtesy to all the candidates.  Mr. Martyn acknowledged the many candidates for other offices in the audience inviting them to briefly introduce themselves and the office for which they were running.

The first section of the forum presented candidates for Pinal County Assessor.  Two of the three candidates, Jeffry Acton, Republican from San Tan Valley (, and Douglas Wolf, Republican from San Tan Valley ( were present.  Candidate Randy Robbins, Democrat from Casa Grande did not attend. Mr. Acton and Mr. Wolf both spoke on their background, their ambitions for the Assessor’s office and how they felt they could serve the people of Pinal County.  They responded to questions on the changes in the market since the housing bubble and what needs to be considered as housing prices start to recover and how they would innovate in the Assessor’s office to help alleviate the county tax burden.

Candidates for Pinal County Supervisor District 5 spoke next.  There were five candidates running for the office but John Enright, Republican from Gold Canyon did not attend and has since withdrawn from the race. The remaining candidates are Maxine Brown, Democrat from Gold Canyon (, Bill Dunbar, Republican from Gold Canyon (, Todd House, Republican from Apache Junction ( and Pat Prince, Republican from Gold Canyon (  The candidates spoke about their backgrounds and the strengths they could bring to the job of county supervisor.  They responded to questions about enhancing the county as a place to work and live, how they would handle budgeting and departmental overruns and their views on impact fees regarding new building.

After a brief intermission, the final segment introduced the candidates for Pinal County Sheriff.  There are seven candidates running for Sheriff.  Derek Arnson, Republican from San Tan Valley (,  current Sheriff Paul Babeu, Republican from San Tan Valley (,   Tom Bearup, Republican from Queen Creek (, Jack McClaren from San Tan Valley (, Glenn Millsaps, Democrat from Coolidge (, Ty Morgan, Independent from Florence ( and Kevin Taylor, Democrat from Maricopa (  The candidates spoke about why they chose to run for the office, what they brought to the position and what they hoped to accomplish as Sheriff.  They responded to questions on policy regarding departmental take-home vehicles, how the candidate would deal with drug and human smuggling issues and if they supported an assault rifle ban.  The discussion was energetic and enlightening as to how the various candidates envisioned approaching the job.

The forum finished a between 8:30 and 9:00 pm with a short time afterwards for people to speak with and ask additional question of candidates.   -PLH

Pinal County Republican Committee Meeting-07/21

The Pinal County Republican Committee ( )  was called to order Saturday, July 21 at the SCAAMR Union Center in Florence.  There were actually two meetings called – a Special Meeting at 9:30 am for election to fill the Secretary and 1st Vice Chair positions and a Regular Meeting at 10:30 am.  Sixty two of the two hundred and sixty eight Pinal County Republican Precinct Committeemen presented credentials.

The Special meeting for elections moved quickly with Seraphim Larson nominated for Secretary and Irene Littleton nominated for 1st Vice Chair.  Each nomination was carried in a voice vote

The Regular meeting opened with Approval of the June, 16 meeting minutes and moved on to Chairman Kohut’s report.  The Chairman spoke on the ups and downs of the last month and year highlighting both missed opportunities and areas of achievement.  After the Treasurer’s report, Guest Speaker Teresa Martinez (, spoke on the change in voter data systems provided by the RNC to help candidates and precinct committeemen.  Reagan Day event leaders gave status reports.  September 8th is the Reagan Banquet with a tentative location of Rawhide at Gila River.  Planners are working on a slate of speakers.  September 9 is the Golf at Duke in Maricopa.  Nov 23-25 (Thanksgiving weekend) is Reagan Roping at the Ed Hooper Rodeo Park in Casa Grande.  Planners are requesting members continue to identify and contact potential sponsors for this event.

Under New Business, Chad Roche, Clerk of Pinal County Superior Court ( ClerkoftheSuperiorCourt/Pages/Home.aspx), advised there are two Pinal County Superior Court judges retiring soon.  Since Pinal County now has a population well over 250,000 people, judges will no longer be directly elected but appointed from recommendations by committee.  Appointments, like elections have consequences, so who makes up the Committee and which people are recommended and appointed should be something everyone should be considering in light of good candidates for both committee members and the court

Chairman’s Closing Comments focused on the fast approaching elections and the serious need for party cohesion.  Everyone has their positions and preferred candidates as the August 28th primaries approach but once the slate is set it is time to set aside our internal rivalries and pull together for the critical goal of the general elections on November 6th.


Radio Show this Wednesday – 07-25-12

Just a reminder, the next Pinal County People Radio Show will be this Wednesday at 10:00 A.M.  MST.  Hope you can listen.  Remember, if you are unable to be there at 10:00, the show is archived and you will be able to listen later.

The link to the show is:

The call in number is 646-378-1685

Bad “Signs” of the times gets bigger – and rightfully so

Ethics complaint planned as sign spat escalates

A seemingly routine political spat over candidates’ campaign signs is turning into something more serious, with one Republican legislator accusing a prominent senator of abusing his chairmanship to bully her.

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Sheriff Paul Babeu faces 3 Republican challengers

Political analysts say the crowded primary field bodes well for Babeu despite the difficulties he has faced in the five months since a former boyfriend accused him of abuse of power.

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I am going to vote for this man

We have had a cast of characters in Arizona politics.  Some of them great and some of them just downright crooks.  Well, here is a guy running to represent us here in Pinal County and I can tell you from personal experience he is the genuine thing.  Most of the time I have cast my vote for “the lessor of two evils”.  In this case, I am happily casting my vote for the best of the best.  I’m not telling you who to vote for,  Make your own choices.  But I will tell you that this will be one of the best choices I have ever made.

Another Letter From Diogenes

I know I will be criticized and castigated for airing Pinal County Republican dirty laundry, but if it’s dirty, Folks, it has to be cleaned sometime.  So shall we see if the truth shall set you free?  [Editor]

When I think of effective leadership General Patton, our greatest WW II general, does it for me. Patton was more effective, got more done and did the almost impossible by using a very firm, no nonsense style. He put up with no crap. He picked his troops up, kicked them in the seat of the pants, led from the front and got it done. There was never a doubt about who was in charge. While many loved Omar Bradley, the “GI General” old “blood and guts” Patton got it done and was feared by the German High Command.

 What’s my beef with the PCRC leadership? Kumbaya. Let’s all come together nice is not going to cut it with the PCRC’s unruly troops. The PCRC is beyond keeping peace at an Irish funeral. It’s a mess of kids that refuse to get along. There are those that feel they know best because they have been in politics the longest that are standing on their actions from years ago who have done not much of late for the county party. RINOs who couldn’t tell the Republican Platform for bird cage lining. The Tea Partiers treat elected officials as employees and don’t give a care about respecting the office.  The newbie Ron Paulers have so much enthusiasm that it annoys long-term political players.  There are also the “cronies” who want everyone to work together but they really mean the party should support the clubs which are mostly social groups with some full of Democrats in attendance. I wish the Chairman would cut out the “nice”, pick up the axe handle, whip the “dirty dozen” troops into shape, and march them off to war to get it done.

 I have one more bone with the Chairman. Would somebody tell him that dragging the PCRC down south to bow to SaddleBrooke just costs everyone more gas and won’t get those “only in my backyarders” to accept that they are part of Pinal County when they are fixated on the south, on Pima County, and on Tucson. Taking the meetings south didn’t work before. It’s not working now.

 Before I close, I have to thank all those wonderful blind copied and forwarded email sources. One such email from Timothy Lee stated:

 “The Chairman should be exacting the Bylaws as intended, not interpreting them as he sees fit to avoid embarrassment from ignorance. Fred’s a goner soon anyway u look at it.” 

 Mr. Lee should review the Bylaws. After failing to force 1st Vice Chair, Fred MacKenzie out at the January meeting Tim got pissed when the Bylaws were actually followed. Mr. Lee who likes to be the font of all wisdom responded with blind-copied emails.  Shame it did not work his way in the earlier election law scuffle or this time with Fred and he had to wait to bless us with his candidacy. I would be surprised if he got Mr. MacKenzie’s vote on Saturday.

So look to your left and then look to your right. There are those who cry for unity within the party while putting knives in others backs. There are those whose actions show unity. Unity involves diversity and there is room for all Republicans. It is time everyone grew up and walked the talk.

 Chairman Kohut, your “neutrality” will not work. It takes a firm hand to guide the ship. You cannot make the old kids like it that new kids are playing in their sand box. Whip’em into shape and get on with it.

 Mr. Lee, like it or not you do not get to make up the rules. Justice Roberts is already doing that to our regret. The military has a saying, hero today zero tomorrow. It’s all about right here in Pinal, right now. Rarely attending PC meetings what have you done for the county party, in the county party in the last two years?

Stay tuned for the next edition when we illuminated another of our local Machiavellian twists, put both feet big time into false cries of unity and just how far people will go to stay in power.

 Until next time shedding light,