Crandall’s Personal Money Tree

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S.H.I.E.L.D. has broken a very important story here: Rich Crandall’s Personal Money Tree

A little background:  Do you remember an August 13, 2012 article written by Luige del Puerto, in the Capitol Times titled  “Republican Victory Fund spends $28k on Crandall v Fillmore primary”?

In that article, del Puerto reported that the group had sent out mailers touting Crandall’s record and lambasting Fillmore, labeling the latter, for example, as a “liberal.”  (Actually, a close look at Crandall’s record shows that he is the liberal, and Fillmore is the conservative.  Spot the Conservative; Spot the Fake)

Senate president Steve Pierce stated in the article that “while he has been raising money for the group, he has no control over how it spends its funds.”

Really?  Camilla Strongin is the Chairman of the Republican Victory Fund.  She also received $84,000 for “campaign services” on behalf of Steve Pierce in this election cycle.

Hieu Tran is the Treasurer of the Republican Victory Fund.  She is also the Treasurer of Steve Pierce’s campaign.

There are many more connections to the Republican Victory Fund, including Jon Kyl, and others, that make you wonder why they are spending $105,000 to help Rich Crandall defeat Conservative John Fillmore in a Primary leaving nothing to help Republicans defeat Democrats in the General Election!

Read S.H.I.E.L.D. for this very important story here: Rich Crandall’s Personal Money Tree

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Anita Christy

Press Release

LD16 Senatorial candidate and current  State Representative John Fillmore  announced today the finding of a poll in his race that,  while it showed a very tight race between himself and the “alleged” carpet-bagger Rich Crandall he was ahead in the votes already cast category  and was holding a wide margin in the “leaning to” in the voting at the polls classification by an almost 3 to 1 ratio. “”Wow”, said Fillmore, “This is like an old Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez comedy where Ricky Ricardo says “ Lucy you got some splaining to do” about the waste of all the money that was dumped against him to support Crandall. “They have been trashing me almost daily with a barrage of Robo-calls, flyers and any other media they could think of, yet I must have support  for me or his message that he was a conservative was just being soundly renounced.” Fillmore stated. “Geesh, I just hope they still have a little left to do what the fund was intended to do, which was elect Republicans rather than just be a personal leadership slush fund for Peirce and Tobin as they evidently thought it was”. The poll was conducted by an outside source and was of 737  likely voters, showing Fillmore at 117, Crandall at 115 already cast early ballots but a 32 votes for Fillmore to 13 for  Crandall of hasn’t voted yet likely  voters with a large undecided group.  The Fillmore campaign has always felt this would be a close race and perhaps this is just a validation of that theory. Perhaps others have done some polling of their own and are finding the same results and that is why Fillmore’s good name is being trashed so bad. Fillmore stated that he wanted to release his finding earlier but thought that just might compel his opposition to spend even more and  maybe, just maybe, some of what they have creatively been making up and then throwing might stick!!

John Fillmore

1930 East Tonto

Apache Junction Az 85119


Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots Weekly Meeting – 08/23/12

The Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots ( held their regular weekly meeting at the Feedbag’ Restaurant in Apache Junction at 6:30 PM.

Bill Bish facilitated the meeting.  Charlie Fox spoke briefly regarding the guests from last week, expressing doubt about their conservative foundations.  Bill Bish remarked all candidates lately are referring to themselves as Constitutionalists but many cannot answer questions on the Constitution when asked. He also read a piece on the 2nd amendment reiterating the vital importance the right of the people to bear arms.  Art Fesler-Butts referred to last week’s paper feature on Glenn Millsaps, Democratic candidate for Pinal County Sheriff ( as part of their coverage of upcoming primary candidates. Mr.Fesler-Butts indicated concern about memberships listed for Mr. Millsaps  (  Mr. Bish announced “A Call to Prayer for the 2012 Elections” being held August 25, 2012, 10:00-11:30 am at the Phoenix Seminary Chapel, 4222 E Thomas Rd (4th floor), Phoenix AZ 85018.  This is a “nonpartisan, cross-denominational prayer gathering led by Arizona pastors and Christian leaders.”  He also spoke about and showed pictures, of Glenn Beck’s recent Restoring Love event in Texas ( where he and his wife Linda did volunteer work.

The guest speaker for the evening was Bryan Hackbarth, candidate for US Senate (   Mr. Hackbarth addressed the Constitution foundation issued discussed earlier, advising he was not an expert but was studying diligently. He also addressed his history in office as Mayor and the issues that were involved in his being recalled.  Mr. Hackbarth believes a lack of Christian values is ruining our country. He cited a historical example of how the moral power of the church has been gradually eroded in the Johnson Amendment Act of 1954 where churches among other non-profit groups were stripped of their right to endorse or object to candidates if they wanted to keep their tax exempt status (  Mr. Hackbarth responded to questions about the candidate debates.  Both Mr. Flake and Mr. Hackbarth declared their candidacies in 2011 while the other candidates entered the race much later.  Mr. Hackbarth advised he and Mr. Flake were running similar numbers until the new entries split the non-Flake vote but Mr. Hackbarth believes he is still running competitive numbers.  This is hard to show empirically as, according to Mr. Hackbarth there are no independent polls on the race and the candidate polls by Mr. Flake and Mr. Cardin only reflect their standing to each other.  Mr. Hackbarth spoke about the problems of getting equal media coverage as well. Mr. Hackbarth is concerned about lack of debate in Congress.  Since CSPAN started televising House and Senate debate in the 1970’s Congressmen are increasingly speaking to largely empty chambers and the cameras instead of the deliberative debate process intended by our Founders.  Mr. Hackbarth was inspired to run for Senate by his children and concern for the future of the country and what we leave behind.  Mr. Hackbarth doesn’t see a lot of difference in our Presidential candidates not seeing a strong moral foundation for either one, although he will support Mr. Romney if he is nominated, but does see hope in Paul Ryan’s choice as VP candidate.  Mr. Hackbarth has laid out a range of issues on his website but two of particular interest are resolving the illegal immigration problem, for which he has a detailed plan and keeping the military strong.  Mr. Hackbarth asked for input on support for the idea of an infrastructure work program, a fair tax system and suggested the ideas of requiring military experience, at least for the Presidency and term limits for all political offices.

Next week the meeting will be moved to Wednesday, 6:30 pm to accommodate scheduled speaker Shane Krauser, (, a nationally known expert, educator and speaker on the Constitution.     -PLH

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots supports limited federal government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and returning political power to the states and the people. Everyone is welcome to come, listen and participate. If you would like to know more, please leave a message to be contacted.

Still more from Diogenes

The last edition of Shedding Light on Pinal County stepped into the sordid world of Pinal Republican Primary politics. This edition continues as we wait for the Primary and its outcome. Will we have a Democrat Republican Supervisor in District 2? Will LD16 have a RINO Senator whose family and business interests have moved to Utah? What does this say about Senate President Steve Pierce pushing Crandall over Fillmore to buy a vote for his reelection as Senate President? Which battered Sheriff candidate will be the Party’s standard bearer?

 We left off with the aftermath of the MRC’s Chicago style election. What was Mr. Harold Vangilder’s take after the dust settled? He stated that “re-elected” MRC President Brenda Hermanson was due an apology. You rig an election and you should be the one due an apology? Someone violates your rights and you are supposed to say “sorry?” Mr. Vangilder’s stated campaign positions include providing aid to any Republican Club in any way possible to achieve their “important” work. Apparently that includes condoning and supporting sham elections and unacceptable treatment of members. How far would a Club have to go in its actions before Mr. Vangilder no longer considered them worthy of any and all aid if what happened at the MRC wasn’t? Clubs are independent organizations.  What damage would be done to the PCRC if it got mixed up in a Club’s unethical misbehavior?

 Mr. Vangilder’s ethics and manner of treating people should come as no surprise. People rarely change. They are who they are. In a June 22, 2012 letter to the editor published in the Casa Grande Dispatch, Board of Adjustment member Chuck Wright wrote the following regarding Board of Adjustment Chairman Harold Vangilder:

 “I would like to address Chairman Vangilder’s boardsmanship ethics. It is the responsibility of the Chairman to run the meeting in an orderly fashion. The Chairman’s job is to properly run the proceedings of the meeting, making sure that we reasonably follow Robert’s Rules of Order. He must make sure all motions are properly made, that all votes are properly cast. Even if the vote does not produce results favorable to the chairman’s desires, he or she has the responsibility, as selected leader of the board, to respect the verdict of his board. It is considered poor boardsmanship to ridicule or chastise fellow board members for casting a vote opposite of what the Chairman believes to be correct during the public portion of the meeting. Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman were out of line by ridiculing the nay votes of member Beck and myself. Proper boardsmanship would dictate that if the chairman disagreed with the vote, he should take up his objections with those members in private, not in the public forum, not from the chairman’s podium. Chairman Vangilder, if you desire to promote harmony on our board, you will heed my advice. If you desire to escalate the existing unrest, you will continue doing what you’re doing.”

 Following the rules and protecting the rights of members are not on Mr. Vangilder’s radar. As an ordained minister what counseling would Pastor Vangildergive parishioners Vangilder and Hermanson on their behavior?

 Some forget that it is the PCs of the PCRC that control the organization. Those members have rights under the Bylaws and Roberts Rules that they are free to exercise. At the last PCRC meeting a resolution was moved from the floor under new business. After a lively discussion a substitute motion was approved by a better than 2 to 1 vote. The PCRC’s membership expressed their will and the Chairman is obligated to follow a legitimately moved and passed motion.

 Just a few hours after the meeting, Mr. Vangilder emailed a series of misstatements on the PCRC Bylaws and Roberts Rules. The email asked Chairman Kohut to ignore the will of the PCs and put a “hold” on the adopted resolution. The PCRC is not run by a King but rather a duly elected Chairman subject to the will of the membership. Bylaws and rules are not items you follow when it’s easy and disregard when inconvenient. Would a Chairman Vangilder rule by Obamaesque “executive orders” acting as he pleased disregarding the will of the PCs? Would the PCRC be the next Chicago Politics MRC? Bylaws and Rules exist to protect the membership and the organization not the leadership.

 Beware those who feel that they are above the petty annoyance and limitations called rules and laws. Beware those who feel that they are above the scrutiny of the Party’s PCs. God knows we seem to have an oversupply of unaccountable arrogant walking egos in elected offices everywhere. We all need more Paul Gosars telling people you’re too stupid to understand being defended by the Harold Vangilder’s of the world. The PCs of the PCRC are indeed politically smarter than the average fifth grader and more than smart enough to guide their Party and hold their elected officials accountable as they decide.

 Mr. Vangilder asked if organizational turbulence could be an issue in the PCRC. The PCRC is a volatile mix of long time conservatives, Tea Party constitutionalists, Ron Paulers, good old boys that put friendship above principle and Saddlebrooke retirees. The only way to keep the peace and promote unity in such a diverse group is if those PCs know they will be treated fairly according to the rules. If Mr. Vangilder he stays true to the style of boardsmanship reported in the Dispatch, true to his support of Chicago political tactics, ignores member’s rights, and remains ignorant of the PCRC’s Bylaws, the phrase “organizational turbulence” would be an understatement if Mr. Vangilder wins election as PCRC Chairman.

 We are left with an unanswered question. With the PCRC elections not until December why are people being distracted from the November 6th General Election? Why would a PC not have winning the November 6th General Election as their focus? Why would Mr. Vangilder throw his hat into the ring six months before the Statutory Meeting? That did not happen even at the State Party elections in either 2010 or 2012. Was there something that Mr. Vangilder was anticipating that he felt warranted an early announcement? More light will be shed in the future after research is complete on a tantalizing email I received a few weeks ago.  

 Until then, happy voting on August 28,


I am not a cook but this is neat!

I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination.  If there are Microwave dinners and peanut butter, I will be able to survive but I would be hard pressed to do any REAL cooking.

Still, I admire those who do cook and manage to make it look like an art.  I came across a short video the other day that is so beautiful in its simplicity I felt compelled to show it to you.  It has to do with removing egg yolks from egg whites.  I have tried spooning yolks out of the whites in the past only to have them plop back into the dish and (usually) splash me with sticky goo.

This entire video is in Japanese, but don’t worry, you will fully understand everything,


Notification must be made when certain sex offenders are released from the Arizona State Prison, accepted under an interstate compact or released from the county jail back into the community.  While this may seem distasteful, it is important information the community should be made aware of,  On the page listed, you will see the names of the sex offenders.  Click on the names and you will be shown a picture of the person as well as their home address.

Water utility acknowledges potential of E. coli presence

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ (CBS5) – 08/22/12

The utility that provides water to portions of the San Tan Valley on Wednesday acknowledged a positive test could mean E. coli bacteria in its water supply, but that it began warning residents on Wednesday to continue to use caution with the water.