December Art Events in Apache Junction/Gold Canyon you mark your calendar with art events in December, save room for art events in Apache Junction. That’s right, Apache Junction, that quaint little collection of trailer parks and retirement communities nestled in the shadows of the majestic Superstition Mountains. AJ is perhaps Arizona’s best kept secret when it comes to art and art related events.

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Pinal County People Radio Show Closing

It was fun while it lasted, but as time went on, I found that I just did not put the time into the show that it required.  There will be no more Pinal County People Radio Show.  The show was on the Internet every two weeks, but now the time has come to close it down.  Maybe some day in the future it can be resurrected – just not now.  My thanks to the listeners and especially those people who helped me put the show on.  Rich Haddow, Bill Bish – you guys were great!  So long for now…

City (Apache Junction) seeks opinions on home rule

Apache Junction residents and groups who feel strongly about whether home rule should or should not be passed have the opportunity to present their argument to voters registered for the March 12 city primary election.

The city clerk is accepting arguments supporting or opposingProposition 100, known as home rule — the continued extension of the local alternative expenditure limitation — to be included in a publicity pamphlet that will be distributed before the primary.

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Superstition Mountain Republican Club Monthly Meeting 11-13-12

The Superstition Mountain Republic Club met for their regular monthly gathering, always held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at the Feed Bag in Apache Junction.

President Charlie Fox called the meeting to order, Brenda Gifford led the club in prayer and Charlie led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Charlie also recognized and thanked the military veterans in the group before moving on to the speakers for the evening.  With the November 6th elections now in the past, attention is turning to the Republican Party and Clubs internal elections. Several candidates for Pinal County Republican Committee (PCRC) executive offices, as well as a candidate for Apache Junction City Council, attended to speak to the club about their visions for the future.

Harold Vangilder, candidate for PCRC Chairman, spoke first.  Mr. Vangilder has been politically active for over thirty years and has been active in Pinal County since he and his family moved here in 2001.  Mr. Vangilder has been privileged to watch the steady growth of the Republican Party in Arizona and Pinal County over that time but is now concerned that the Party has lost some of those gains during the last two year cycle.  The number of PCRC members involved at state and national level has fallen and our fundraising efforts have experienced setbacks.  Whereas Pinal County previously had influence and standing, it now seems more isolated and sidelined to Mr. Vangilder.  He has nothing ill to say about current office holders or other candidates but he wants to reverse that trend towards being irrelevant.  He also advised, despite rumors, he is in good health.  Tom Ramsdell, Candidate for 2nd Vice-Chair and a member of Mr. Vangilder’s candidates team spoke next.  Mr. Ramsdell, like Mr. Vangilder, is an executive officer in the Western Pinal Republican Club (  He also writes a guest column along with his Democratic counter-part in the Tri-Valley Central / Casa Grande Dispatch.  Mr. Ramsdell would like to eliminate some of the polarization of the last few years and work on recruiting more PC’s to fill the significant number of open positions.

Irene Littleton, current 1st Vice Chair of PCRC and candidate for PCRC Chairman, spoke next.  Ms. Littleton said, despite the disappointment of the Presidential race, 2012 was a good year for the GOP in Arizona and particularly good in Pinal County where the Republican candidates almost swept the elections.  Ms. Littleton gave generous credit to current Chairman Kohut’s good and steadfast leadership for the last two years (Mr. Kohut has indicated he is not going to run for another term) but Ms. Littleton has some different ideas on how to approach things and sees great promise in the future of the PCRC.  Ms. Littleton has been very involved at many levels in the PCRC, including on-the-ground GOTV efforts, managing the Victory office in Casa Grande, leading fundraising events and working with many conservative organizations.

Jeff Struble, candidate for Apache Junction City Council, spoke next.  Mr. Struble believes the City Council needs to develop a long term vision for the City and break out of operating by rote.  There are only two Republicans currently on the seven person Council and Mr. Struble feels it could benefit both by additional commonsense conservatism and his particular background of experience in accounting, finance, economics and management.  Petitions for signatures are currently in circulation.

Todd House, Supervisor-elect of Pinal County District 5 and both Charlie and Barb Cobb, Fire Board members- elect, took the opportunity to once again thank everyone who helped carry out their successful campaigns for office.

Club Officers make Annual Reports every November.  Treasurer Art Fessler-Butts reported on the club’s financial status (with Vice President Ann Fessler-Butts reporting on the raffle results).  President Charlie Fox reported there have been twelve speakers this year and good results in supporting candidates to success in winning their elections.  Vice President Ann Fessler-Butts reported updates made in record keeping and successful fundraising efforts.

Club Nominations and elections are also held every November.  The Nomination Committee provided a slate of nominees and there were no nominations from the floor.  Final results where President Judy Novalsky, Vice-President Patti Hawthorne, Secretary Kelli Caplette and Treasurer Jerry Weatherford.

Seraphim Larson, currently Secretary of the PCRC and candidate for Chairman, who was only able to join the group later in the meeting, was last to speak.  Mr. Larson believes that PC’s and candidates feel like they are not listened to and their needs in the field are not given attention.  Funds are raised to support the Party but not available for GOTV and on-the-ground election efforts or candidates campaigns.  Mr. Larson would like to do more to help PC’s and candidates succeed.

Charlie Fox requested we keep a member who is having troubles in our prayers and Mr. Vangilder announced the Western Pinal Republican Club is having a PCRC Chairman Candidate Forum on November 21st and then the meeting was adjourned.

Anyone interested in attending or joining the SMRC can find information on the club website ( – PLH

We CAN Fight Obamacare

Dear Arizona Taxpayer:

On behalf of the Goldwater Institute, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, the Arizona chapter ofAmericans for Prosperity, and lots of other great organizations, I am asking you to TAKE ACTION to encourage your Legislators to remain strong in resisting the attempts by Governor Jan Brewer and insurance lobbyists to impose an ObamaCare insurance exchange on Arizona families and businesses.

We have REALLY GOOD NEWS for taxpayers and health care freedom fighters: ObamaCare’s government takeover of American health care is vulnerable in the States. Click here to read a short summary of how States can stand against both the ObamaCare exchanges and the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion. Rather than rolling out the welcome mat for ObamaCare, Arizona needs to work for greater health care freedom. For more, read the Goldwater Institute’s briefing paper on alternatives to ObamaCare.

Under the ObamaCare legislation, States are under no obligation to set up exchanges.  Here are three quick reasons for Arizonans to join us in resisting the imposition of a state-funded exchange:

1) By stopping the exchange, we will stop government from using taxpayer dollars to subsidize private insurance companies.

2) By stopping the exchange, we will keep the exchange from reporting to the IRS individuals who have or do not have health insurance — as required by the ObamaCare legislation.

3) By stopping the exchange, we can prevent Arizona businesses from having to pay a $2,000 fine per worker per year and exempt tens of thousands of Arizonans from the individual mandate’s tax of $2,085 per year for a family of four.

We can win this one!  Nine States have already rejected exchanges: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Please TAKE ACTION to encourage your Legislators to remain strong in resisting the imposition of an ObamaCare insurance exchange on the state of Arizona.

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146


A Tribute To Veterans

Annual Parade Honors Veterans on Sunday, Nov. 11
The all-volunteer Veterans Day Parade Committee has been meeting the first Wednesday of every month since March at VFW Post #7968, the host of the 2012 Veterans Day Parade. The this year is “Honoring our Newest Heroes” and in keeping with that theme, five individuals have been chosen to be Grand Marshals this year.
• Kevin Grissom who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq; • Maria Lawson who served in the U.S. Navy in Iraq; • Derek Tramondo, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps in Kuwait and Iraq; • Darlene Tryon who served in the U.S. Air Force in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom; and • Paul Michael Vazquez who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq.
Come out and honor these heroes together with all our veterans from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and every other conflict.
The parade will kick off at 9:30 a.m., as always, but the line up will begin at 8 a.m. The registration table will be located at the corner of Idaho and Second Avenue, behind the vacant gas station. This should alleviate the necessity of turning around on the Trail. You may pick up your number there and proceed directly to your assigned space. A reminder, please do not throw any candy or anything else from your float/car. This is strictly prohibited.

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Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots Weekly Meeting – 11/01/12

The Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots ( met Thursday night,  06:30 pm at the Feedbag’ Restaurant in Apache Junction for their regular weekly meeting – Bill Bish facilitated.

Todd House, group member, member of the Apache Junction Fire Board and candidate for Pinal County District 5 Supervisor ( announced the new Fire Chief has been officially ‘pinned’ with over 80 plus people attending to celebrate his first official day as the Apache Junction Fire District Fire Chief.  Todd continued to discuss current polling that indicates an uptrend for Republican candidates across the board but stressed this is not the time to relax – it isn’t done until every vote is in, verified and counted.  He added that 60% of the early ballots for Pinal County have been returned and their processing can be watched live stream on the Pinal County website (  Charlie Fox expressed a concern about two candidates running for re-election to the Fire Board, both registered Republicans, who attended a Meet n’ Greet for Democratic candidates held by yet a third Fire Board member.

Bill Bish announced in lieu of a speaker, tonight he was inviting members to speak about whatever was on their minds in an Open Forum of What’s On Your Mind.  Barb Cobb read a piece about the dedication of the first patriots to fight for their fledgling nation at whatever cost.  Bill Bish continued announcing the first letter suggestion had been sent to the email group for the Arizona Constitution Committee.   Charlie Fox spoke about Longfellow’s poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” ( which doesn’t refer to Redcoats but British Regulars and how people for the first several years of resistance were not revolutionaries but British citizens opposing their legitimate government.  Brenda Gifford spoke about Convoy of Hope and a recent donation of gently used medical equipment that is available to anyone in need.  Anne Fessler Butts spoke about the East Coast damage from Hurricane Sandy and advised anyone with family or friends in the stricken areas to warn them about issues of contaminated water and hygiene.  Jeff Struble announced he was starting his petition for City Council next week and spoke briefly on current issues before the council.  Both Jeff Struble and Todd House spoke on the need for people to volunteer for the various boards and committees under the City and County governing boards starting a brief discussion on educating the public versus the need for people to take initiative in get involved.  Charlie Fox reminded everyone that the elections are only the first step of a long process of monitoring our elected official’s actions once in office.  Anne Fesler Butts paraphrased Glenn Beck saying before we can talk to others we must talk to ourselves and Judy Novalsky stated she was tired of TV ads that demonize the right wing for wanting to discuss difficult issues like Social Security and Medicare.  Brenda Gifford advised people to check out and Bill Bish finished the discussion with comments on personal responsibility.  – PLH

Superstitions 9.12 Tea Party Patriots supports limited federal government, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and returning political power to the states and the people. Everyone is welcome to come, listen and participate. If you would like to know more, please leave a message to be contacted.