On Friday, Sen. John McCain indulged in his favorite pastime–going to the media and criticizing his fellow Republicans. Speaking to CBS, McCain said the GOP was “dysfunctional” and blamed Sens. Cruz and Lee for driving wedges between Republicans over their fight to defund ObamaCare. 

“We are dividing the Republican party,” McCain said. He continued, “I think that it argues for us to be more united and spend our time against our adversary because we all share the same principles and values and I’d like to see us do that.”
Obviously, McCain has been struck by a very bad case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

After Sen. Rand Paul gave a 13-hour filibuster on the President’s use of drones, Sen. McCain and his sub-altern Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to denounce Paul’s speech. McCain even called Paul and his allies “wacko-birds” who were exerting too much influence in the upper chamber. 

In the weeks leading up to the Senate vote on the continuing resolution, McCain and other Republicans made the rounds of the Sunday shows repeatedly to criticize Sen. Cruz. Although McCain likely wasn’t involved, a Republican office followed his lead and forwarded opposition research on Sen. Cruz to Fox News’ Chris Wallace. 

After Cruz finished his marathon 22-hour floor speech against ObamaCare, McCain swiftly took to the floor with very sharp criticism of Cruz. There were no doubt many Republican Senators who disagreed with Cruz’s tactic, yet they didn’t feel a compulsion to engage in a very public fight with him. 

Who, exactly, is being dysfunctional here?

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Here it comes …

Obamacare is scheduled to go into effect October 1st.  The video below shows and explains what you can expect.  It is 17 minutes long but it may well be the most important 17 minutes you have ever spent watching a video.  Hopefully it will inspire you to action.  May God Bless America.  We are gonna need it.

A RAT Race Worth Your Involvement


The Story

It is hard to know where to begin this story.  Many of you have given me the opportunity to share face to face and I thank you.  I wish I could sit for an hour with each of you.  I’m sure it would change your lives as it has changed mine.  I hope you will take a few minutes to read this story and join me as I take on the most important challenge of my life.

My mom and I were in Myanmar (Burma) the first 4 months of this year and that is where the story begins.  Burma/Myanmar has been a closed country for the last 40 years after the takeover by a brutal military junta.  If you watch the movie “The Lady” (wonderful story) it will inspire you and give you an understanding of many things I can’t cover here.  All of it contributes to why we were in Asia and why I am writing to you.  There is so much I would like to share but in the interest of time, I will tell you only one aspect of our efforts – the sex trafficking of children.

In the brothels of Asia, a man can buy 3 little girls for $50 for 24 hours.  He can take them wherever he chooses, do whatever he chooses and return them…..little girls…..8-9-10 year old little girls. Many of these little girls are being raped 10-15 times a day!

Through a series of remarkable events, God led me to a man named Judah who with his wife and the help of friends, is rescuing these children and giving them homes; places to heal and learn to live safe productive lives. Judah calls these homes Ruth’s Farm House.  There are 12-15 children and young women in each self-sustaining home.  They are loved, protected, educated transformed by the love of God and the safety of a nurturing home. I had no idea when I was introduced to Judah and Katie that I would ever become involved in their work but here I am, telling you this story.

As a result of that meeting, we are organizing a 10k “Run Against Traffick” to help raise money for the next home for rescued children that will be built in northern Thailand.  On October 5, 2013 we have planned an informal 5k run/walk for the purpose of sharing the vision and building a team to organize the 1st Annual “RAT” Race. This “Run Against Traffick” will lay the ground work for the major fund raising event in the Spring.  On October 5th we invite you to join us, or sponsor Mom and I in the vision casting 5k walk/run. We invite you to walk/run/bike with us and spend a few minutes to hear the plan we have to take on this challenge, not only in Myanmar and Thailand, but also raise awareness here in America.

I have only learned since I began this journey, that Phoenix, Arizona is a hub for the sex trade in America. I have also learned that the Super Bowl is the largest venue in the world for underage sex trafficking. Remarkably, Mom and I were invited by our AZ State Representative Doug Coleman to attend a meeting of the Task Force on Sex Trafficking, which Governor Jan Brewer recently appointed in anticipation of the 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona. The task of the Task Force is to research and make recommendations.  We have been stunned by what we have learned and the amazing ways God has placed people in our path seemingly guiding this journey in ways we never could have imagined. What began as a fund raiser to build homes for rescued children in Asia, has clearly expanded to include raising awareness of the crisis in Arizona.

If your heart is touched and your curiosity stirred, please join us on October 5th at 7am at

C3 Tempe (Campus Christian Center), 1034 S Mill Avenue, Tempe. We will share the story, run the 5k and ask you to be a part of the 1st Annual “RAT” Race as we join the fight for children being sex trafficked.  We can’t save them all but we can make a huge difference and we must try….if only one young girl is saved it is worth all our efforts, but I believe we can do much more than that together.

We still need more sponsors, fellow walkers/runners, team mates and prayer warriors. There are many areas where we need volunteers and partners if we are to accomplish our goal. It is far more than a fund raising stroll, I am discovering that it is really more about prayer than anything. So much has been happening in my heart through this that I feel it is part of my mission to share the experiences.

We cry out for the children as we take on this challenge. I cry every day, partly because of the responsibility, partly out of compassion for victims of injustice and partly for joy of the awesome privilege of being called to this journey and growing closer to the heart of God through it.

The walk is only a week away and I still have a lot to do get ready, so that is all for now. Thank you all for your encouragement. Please write me or give me a call at (602)809-2314 if you have any questions or suggestions.  God bless you all.

Brenda Gifford

P.O. Box 3997 AJ, AZ 85117


$50 Registration Fee


All proceeds go to build Ruth’s Farm Homes in Thailand and Myanmar.

WHEN October 5th, 2013 7am

WHERE C3 Tempe 1043 S Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ



Ducey campaigning with McCain, targeting liberal wing of GOP

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Friday, September 27, 2013

Puts on town hall with McCain 
Won’t challenge Brewer on Medicaid Obamacare expansion

Doug Ducey, who is running for Arizona governor, is positioning himself as the liberal Republican in the race. He’s solidified endorsements from folks like Jon Kyl, ensuring that he is going with the establishment over the conservative base. On Wednesday, he put on a town hall with Sen. John McCain, a clear indication of where his loyalties are. 

On one of the biggest issues of the year for tea party activists and conservatives, the unaffordable Obamacare Medicaid expansion shoved through by Governor Brewer, Ducey was AWOL. Looks like he was fine with it! 

If you want another McCain in office, who will suck up to the liberal establishment and liberal wing of the GOP, Ducey is your candidate. 

OBrewercare Traitors Get Paid for Their Votes

Editor’s Comment:  I received the message below via email today and feel that is it is definitely important enough to be posted here on this blog to get an even further audience educated as to the dirty goings on we call politics.  I suggest you print this, then cut the graphic out and stick it on your refrigerator until it comes time to vote.  Then you can take it with you to the polls and vote your conscience.

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reprinted from Sonoran Alliance on September 20, 2013

Tonight, those traitorous Republicans in the Arizona state legislature who voted for Medicaid expansion are getting paid for their yes votes on OBrewercare by the hospital-industrial complex. The Governor is hosting a fundraiser for Sens. Steve PierceJohn McComishAdam Driggs, and  Bob Worsley, and Reps. Heather CarterKate McGeeDoug ColemanJeff Dial,Doris GoodaleEthan OrrFrank PrattBob Robson, and T.J. Shope at the home of hospital CEOReg Ballantyne. This is, quite clearly, a quid pro quo: they’re getting paid off for their yes votes to swell the rolls of Medicaid recipients at the cost of not only sick people (via a bed tax), but the American taxpayer as well (via increased Medicaid payments from the feds to Arizona, then to the hospitals). There is no other way to characterize this as anything but legal corruption.  The Governor, the legislators, cunsultants Chuck Coughlin and Peter Burns, and the hospital-industiral complex donors should all be going to prison for a very long time for corruption.

To fully illustrate that this is a quid pro quo, harken back to Loren Heal’s article on the subject‘s website on June 13 of this year. In that article, Heal stated that in August of 2012, a “consortium of the state’s hospitals, insurers, and left-wing groups” hired consultant Chuck Coughlin of High Ground and socialized medicine proponent and leftist Peter Burns to ensure that Medicaid expansion, a part of Obamacare, was passed in Arizona. Coughlin, who is the Governor’s puppeteer, told Brewer to push for expansion. As if Brewer were a ventriloquist’s dummy sitting on Coughlin’s lap, she parroted what Coughlin told her to say in her State of the State address in January 2013: expand Medicaid as Obamacare directs. According tobeforeitsnews.comRep. Warren Petersen stated that Coughlin held a fundraiser to show legislators that if they voted for expanding Medicaid under Obamacare, the hospital-industrial complex could help raise money to give them immense campaign warchests for their re-election efforts. Well, enough traitorous Republicans took the bait, voted for OBrewercare, and tonight, they’re getting their payoff. While the invite, sent out by Rep. Heather Carter, suggests a $500 donation for each legislator, rumor has it that the hospital-industrial complex donors have to have $6,500 to get in the door ($500 for EACH)! That’s how they plan on rewarding each one of these traitors with at least $100K for their 2014 campaigns.

Follow the money, people. This is corporate cronyism at its worst. Hospitals have used the power of government to take money right out of your pocket to line their own pockets. The perpetrators should be punished severely, but they likely will not be. If the failure to put Obamacare on the ballot is any indication, you are not mad enough at these criminals and they will have the warchests necessary to keep their seats and the low-information masses will re-elect them. Until you get angry enough to change things, expect more of this in the future. Call these legislators. Shame them (granted, they are shameless since their actions are so brazen)…but you’ve GOT to do more than shame them: you’ve GOT to collect signatures for their opponents, DONATE to their opponents, talk to your neighbors about how corrupt these corporate cronies are, and VOTE against them AND get your NEIGHBORS to vote against them too. If you’re NOT THAT angry, you’re not paying attention.



EDITORS COMMENT – Although many of these examples are in California, Smart Meters have been installed in Arizona too.  I refused to have one installed and had to jump through a lot of hoops with The Salt River Project – my electricity supplier.  We had to go to something called “M-Power” which requires you to go to kiosks the power company has set up and deposit cash into their machines to pay for electricity.  This is NOT a monthly payment – you deposit a certain amount of cash of your choosing and when you use it up, you have to come back.  You can NOT use a credit or debit card.  In today’s age this is ridiculous as just about everything can be paid by credit or debit card and in more and more places this can be done on-line.  But here in the area serviced by The Salt River Project, if you have elected to use “M-Power”, you must leave your home and go to their kiosks and pay cash.  In contrast, if you had a smart meter installed, you can pay your bill at the end of the month on-line by debit or credit card.  Does anyone see some discriminatory practices here?  But for me, I will do it so as not to worry about the intrusive smart meter and the health risks that accompany it.

Adverse health effects. Trespassing and privacy issues. Increasing costs on the consumers. A loss of control. Hacking potential.

The concerns about smart meter programs, which are rolling out in cities worldwide, are increasing, potentially refuting some of their purported benefits of efficiency, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and improved energy security.

Josh del Sol remembers when smart meters were being installed a couple years ago in British Columbia. Within a day of a meter being installed at a friend’s home, del Sol said she started experiencing symptoms.

“Rashes, nausea,” del Sol told TheBlaze in a phone interview. “I thought, I’ve got to find out what is going on.”

Del Sol began researching and thought he would launch a YouTube series detailing what he would find about smart meter programs. The more he looked into the controversial technology, which records a home’s energy use and wirelessly communicates it to the energy provider, the more he realized he had enough content for a full-fledged documentary.

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Animal Care Officer Saves Two Dogs from Certain Death In Past Four Days

FLORENCE – Two dogs owe their survival to the quick and responsible actions of one Pinal County Animal Care & Control officer.

Female English Bulldog – Saturday, September 18
Pinal County Animal Care & Control got a call from a San Tan Valley area resident who was reporting that an English bulldog was lying in a driveway, breathing heavily and showing signs of heat stroke.  The dog did not belong to the property owners at that location.

The responding officer found the nearly unresponsive dog with bright red skin, bloodshot eyes and a very high body temperature.  The officer offered water to the dog and attempted to cool the dog’s body while transporting her to the shelter.  At the shelter, fluids were administered to the dog and efforts to cool her down continued.  When the distress did not subside, the animal was brought to a vet for additional treatment.

Thanks to a microchip, the bulldog’s owner was located.  The owner indicated that they were in the process of moving to Phoenix and the dog must have slipped out of the house unnoticed.  The owner has claimed the dog and the she is recovering.

“Heat stroke is a very serious condition and dogs with short snouts are more susceptible,” said Animal Care & Control Director Kaye Dickson.  “Thanks to the quick action of our officer and the owner having microchipped her dog, this story has a happy ending.”

Male Husky – Tuesday, September 17
The same Animal Care & Control officer received a call from the Florence Police Department that a dog was tied to a chain and walking on top of a block wall.  The police officer was concerned that if the dog jumped or fell, it would hang itself.

When Animal Care & Control arrived on scene, the dog had fallen off the block wall and was hanging limp and unresponsive from the collar around its neck.  His tongue and gums were blue.

“Our officer quickly unsnapped the lead and detected a very faint heartbeat so she administered chest compressions and the dog gasped for breath and began breathing on its own,” Dickson said.  “Meanwhile, the officer from Florence PD ran the plate of a car parked at the property and we were able to get in touch with the dog’s owner.”

The dog’s owner claimed the dog at the scene and transported it to a vet for follow-up care.  The dog is expected to make a full recovery.

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Will He Or Won’t He? John McCain, 77, Ambivalent On Whether He’ll Seek 6th Senate Term

justgoSaying he doesn’t want to end up as “one of those old guys that should’ve shoved off,” Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) told Hollywood industry website The Wrap last week that his current term might be his last.

That caused a minor sensation on the Internet. Jaded conservatives weary of McCain’s cross-party liberalism took to political blogs to commemorate the news with comments that were equal parts jubilant and vindictive.

The Wrap’s Tim Molloy had overheard McCain’s “last term” comment in a moment of candor while interviewing the Senator at a launch party for — wait for it — Pivot TV, a new network featuring daughter Meghan in a show called “Raising McCain,” an “investigative series.”

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Crandall replacement picked: supervisors tab Mesa resident Farnsworth

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chose Dave Farnsworth (center) to fill the Senate vacancy in District 16. With Farnsworth are Clint Hickman (from left), Andy Kunasek, Dave Farnsworth, Steve Chucri and Denny Barney. Michael Ye Hee Lee/The Republic

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has selected Mesa resident and former state Rep. Dave Farnsworth to serve the remainder of outgoing state Sen. Rich Crandall’s term.

Farnsworth, who served in the state House of Representatives in the 1990s, was picked by the supervisors during their Sept. 11 meeting and beat out Rep. Kelly Townsend and former Rep. John Fillmore to serve as Legislative District 16’s senator. LD16 encompasses Mesa and Apache Junction and covers parts of Maricopa and Pinal counties, and the three candidates were selected by Republican precinct committee members who reside within LD16 and in the district’s Maricopa County confines.

Farnsworth is scheduled to be sworn in at 1 p.m. on Thursday during a ceremony in downtown Phoenix.

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Something Ugly Occurring in Phoenix

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Monday, September 9, 2013



My name is Timothy Schwartz, Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Captain, State Committeeman, and Chairman of Legislative District 30 Republicans.


History: Since Governor Brewer mandated that all Arizonans should be forced to accept the Medicaid Expansion (known more commonly as Obamacare), the Republicans leaders of the Governor’s party, and the good people of the State of Arizona have voiced adamant opposition to the new imposed policy. An effort was begun to overturn Governor Brewer’s overreach of power by obtaining petition signatures in order to force the issue to the ballot by referendum so the electorate could decide the issue for themselves.

From the beginning of the petition gathering from the group named URAPC, the Governor has been relentless in the effort to thwart the efforts, and has now raised in excess of $364,000 to help stop us from doing so.

But, what I’m writing to you about today is more serious, egregious than former tactics deployed.

Here’s the details: Our group recently contacted the Arizona State Fairgrounds (State property)

To obtain the necessary permits to have a presence at the upcoming Gun Show events.

While we were at the fairgrounds to obtain these permits, a “staffer” from the Governor’s office called. Donna (person from the fairgrounds who was issuing the permits) interrupted the meeting to take the call from the Governor’s staffer. When Donna returned, our group was informed that we could not be rented a table inside the Gun Show (even though other petitioners were granted theirs). We were further told that we wound not even be granted permission to be outside in the South parking lot where attendees to the Gun show park to enter the building. Instead, we were shown an area on the NORTH side of the building where we were given permission to set up a table.

There is a very SERIOUS problem with this arrangement: The North parking lot is where the vendors are sent (by parking lot attendees to park. Some of these vendors are from Arizona gunshops, but the vast majority are out-of-State vendors.   All of them arrive early and leave late because they are attending their booths. Our group cannot obtain the signatures we need from those in this area, we need signatures from Arizona attendees to the event. It’s important to note that while the public can access the north parking lot, the Main entrance from Encanto was closed, so only public which entered from the ‘secondary’ entrance off 19th Ave. gets into the North parking lot. The vast majority of the public enters the MAIN entrance from McDowell road, and parking lot attendees usher them into the SOUTH LOT ONLY!

Our group arrived at 7:00 am on Saturday morning September 7th to set-up.

We were pointed to the North parking lot. We simply were not getting the signatures we needed to get because we did not have the needed contact with the public. I grabbed some clipboards and walked to the South parking lot. After a while, I was approached by a young girl (security) and told I did not have permission to be there. I resisted with comment, she called her supervisor (Mike Reed). Mike arrived and told me I needed to join the others at the North lot. I did so. Stayed until 5:00 pm Saturday.

Sunday morning: 2 others arrived at 7 am. I had a Church commitment, and did not arrive until 12:30 pm. After I spent the beginning at the North lot, I decided to go back to the South lot where the attendees were…. For this reason. Our Constitutional rights were being violated (Freedom of Speech) to circulate a petition for referendum. After all, we were on State property which was granted access to the public. I clearly understand that I could be legally asked to leave if I was to become unruly or cause a disturbance. I did NOT have any altercations or cause disturbance, so I was within my Constitutional rights to be on public accessed State property.

Also, it must be noted that another ‘political’ petition was given permission to have access to the areas we were denied! John Huppenthal (supt. of Public instruction) was circulating his petition both inside the building and outside the bldg. He had access to the attendees that we did not.

After a short time of being in the south parklot, Mike Reed showed up in golf cart with 2 other security personnel. He informed me that even though it was against the ‘policy’ stated for our group, he personally agreed with our efforts, so he would give me permission to stay, if I remained within a certain area that he pointed out. I agreed.

After a few minutes of staying in the area that Mike had designated, the same young security girl that approached me on Saturday was talking to me again, and telling me that I had to move.

I told her that her Supervisor had just given me permission to stay. She stormed off, got on her radio, and I watched her as she talked for a long time on her radio.

Within minutes, I saw Mike Reed walking towards me with another member from URAPC.

Mike quickly informed me that I could either go back to the North parklot, or I could leave the premises, but those were the only two options I had. I began to remind him that he had given me permission minutes before, but he would not listen! My rights were CLEARLY being violated.

With no other option, I walked back to the North parklot.   After several minutes, I called Mike Reed (security) and asked him why other political petitions were granted access to the attendees both inside and outside the bldg., but we were not given the same access. He ignored my question and answered back that he had mandated I stay within his designated area, and I had disobeyed his orders. Clearly this was not true!!! I stayed exactly where he told me to. From this comment, it is clear to me that Mike is willing to tell a ‘different story’ to this supervisors (or the media) in order to cover his tracks! Yet Mike does not know that I recorded our conversations, so I can prove my story with evidence. This will NOT be “He said, she said”! Even if the other two security persons that showed up with Mike back his story, it will NOT be the truth. The recording of the conversations will be the truth!

After talking briefly with Mike by phone, he quickly passed the phone to his Supervisor (Joy).

Joy listened politely (at first) before she cut me off. She then ‘informed’ me that the public was ‘allowed’ to park in both the North and South parklots. However, this comment carries no weight, because as I’ve stated before, the traffic come into the main entrance from McDowell Rd., and the vested parklotattendees DIRECTS the traffic into only spaces in the SOUTH parklot!

After talking with both Joy and Mike from Security, it was obvious to me that they will try to ‘change the story’ to remove blame. I’m sure that while some Journalists will not follow up this important story, because of the denial from the other side.

But anyone who would discount my version must take into account that I recorded those conversations! I have Concrete PROOF that my version is the correct one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I’ve written it because I BELIEVE in Constitutional freedom. I’m disturbed that we are rapidly losing those freedoms. My hope is that you will take my report seriously, and report it to others. We must all do this so that we are not all pigeon-holed in socialism – a place where Freedom does not exist!


Timothy Schwartz

Chairman, LD30 Republicans