An investigative report from an Arizona television station reveals illegal aliens routinely are marching across a classified military base in order to enter the U.S., and the military’s perspective is that it’s not the Department of Defense’s responsibility to chase down invaders.

The site is located in the Huachuca Mountains only a few miles from the border with Mexico, and its location and uses should be a concern to Americans, according to a former Border Patrol agent.

“I think the average American should be petrified,” Dave Stoddard, a former supervisor of the federal border agency, told the station.

“That smuggling operation going through there is very, very sophisticated. They’ve been getting by with it for years. They know the formula. They know the routine,” he said.

The military is unconcerned.

PCRC Approves Motion to Censure Shope, Pratt, and Coleman

Sources from within the Pinal County Republican Committee (PCRC) have advised Gila Watch that today, November 16, 2013, the PCRC voted to:

“Censure Arizona Representatives Frank Pratt (LD8), T J Shope (LD8), and Douglas Coleman (LD16) for voting for the Medicaid expansion against the expressed position of this body and the Republican Party platform, aligning with the democrats and helping welfare expansion and Obamacare in Arizona. We therefore censure these legislators, and encourage other Pinal County Republicans to likewise disassociate themselves from any of these who may be candidates for office in the upcoming 2014 elections.”

The motion passed with just under 70% of the vote.


Veterans forum looks to bring services to Pinal County

Stakeholders meet Oct. 30 for a Veterans Stakeholder Forum at Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus in Coolidge, Ariz. Pictured are participants Judi Beischel and Jim Sylvester.

COOLIDGE, Ariz. – The committee for Honoring/Hiring/Helping Our Heroes of Pinal County (HOHP) and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office put on a Veterans Stakeholder Forum Oct. 30 at Central Arizona College (CAC) Signal Peak Campus in Coolidge to promote awareness of issues related to veterans, military service members and their families in Pinal County, as well as to develop sustainable veteran services and introduce several organizations that are working to make a difference in veterans’ lives.

According to committee members, HOHP is dedicated to addressing homelessness, unemployment, physical and mental health issues, and improving the lives of veterans and their families in Pinal County.

In attendance at the forum Oct. 30 were 87 stakeholders to discuss veteran issues in Pinal County, such as a lack of accessible VA services, including medical, mental health and veteran benefits. Other issues local veterans are dealing with include homelessness or the threat of losing their homes, employment, transportation, and readjustment for returning military personnel.

HOHP chairperson Kim Rodriguez said her committee and the Pinal County Attorney’s office worked together to come up with the Veterans Stakeholder Forum.

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Jeff Serdy on the Radio this Saturday Nov. 16th

Apache Junction City Councilman and Gun Store Owner Jeff Serdy will be on 1100 KFNX from 12 till 2. At 12:30, Stephen Halbrook who championed gun rights cases in Chicago and Congressman Gosar will be joining the program  from 1:30 till the end. Jeff will be asking him mostly about the effort to remove Eric Holder from office.

If you can’t receive the station on your radio, you can listen on the Internet by clicking here.



This is Haylee. She is a six (6) year old Beagle. NO collar and not micro chipped. But is a family pet.  She got out accidentally. Mom was working in the back yard, dog wanted in husband let dog in, and then let it back out . He did not know mom had the back gate open, and Haylee went by the way of her nose. Please call: 480-216-5518.
Owners have put lost signs up at Broadway and Tomahawk. They reside on Tomahawk and 3 ND Ave.  They have been looking everywhere for her. Haylee is people friendly. They have not given up, are calling all the shelters, and I am trying to help by sending this photo and giving out their phone number should you see her, or have her, or know of someone that does have her.

More Than Half of Employer-Based Coverage Will Be Illegal Next Year


Mr. Obama.  You have lied to The American People.  You have cheated The American People.  You have done your best to denigrate the American way of life.  You have done your best to destroy our American Constitution.  What kind of American President are you?  Are you REALLY (despite all your prostestations) an American?  What HAVE you done that can be construed as a positive for the American People?