LegisTraitors Drunk with Power Demand Increase in Deficit Spending

Heather Carter and Ethan Orr lead the LegisTraitors on a power walk of splendid grandeur and great importance to make it crystal clear that the Coalition of Corruption did not accept $25K to $80K last year to shove Obrewercare down our throats just to pass a Republican budget this year.

 A picture speaks a thousand words.

(Picture from Arizona Capitol Times.)

 Drunk with power, or simply dazed from visions of hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars dancing in their heads, Jeremy Duda from the Arizona Capitol Times, captures Heather Carter, Ethan Orr, Kate Brophy McGee, Doug Coleman, Rob Robson, and Jeff Dial leaving the House before the gavel to make their case to spend-increase-expand with money we lowly taxpayers have not even made yet.

Geez Louise Republicans! The budget you passed in the Senate only has a $400 million structural deficit. That is just not enough!  The Coalition of Corruption including these six and all the Democrats (again) want bigger government – more agencies – increased spending – and to expand on the expansion of last session.  If we are going to borrow money to pass a democrat budget then let’s go all the way!

No money into the rainy day fund. No money to buy back our buildings. No money to decrease our debt. Actually they are demanding that money is spent that does not exist.  In their power-induced-drunken-state the LegisTraitors are blind to the plight of Arizona taxpayers preferring to prioritize the interests of the crony capitalists who bankroll their campaign committees.

The amendments and increased spending requested by the Coalition of Corruption has been scored by the non-partisan JBLC to give Arizona a $1 Billion deficit by 2017. This is “recurring spending” meaning the spending will occur every single year.  

So another day and no budget for Arizona.  The taxpayers, small businessmen, and Principled Conservatives will have to wait and see who is offering what to whom before we will know what is being shoved down our throats this year.  Will there be a fundraiser with a gift-in-kind equal to the amount it takes to educate one child for half a year in a Charter School?

Will we see a new traitor or will the traitors have a traitor? And how much does a LegisTraitor vote go for?

The vote is tied at 30-30. It will be an interesting day.

HELP – If You can, Please

Normally, I try to keep the focus of this blog on Pinal County, AZ – or Arizona itself if an issue is big enough. I never ask for any contributions because this has always been a labor of love for me. If I have learned anything in life though, it is that nothing is written stone.

Ten years ago, my wife and I purchased a couple of wild donkeys at a Bureau of Land Management auction. We had just purchased a new (to us) home and there were a couple of corrals in the rear yard. So we bought the donkeys and got them home. Those boys would rear up and kick and snort when we went into the corrals and I really wasn’t sure at all of what I was doing. I had never had an equine of any type and although my wife grew up on a farm, it was a dairy farm, so she didn’t have much idea of how to care for and train them either. I had spent most of my adult life in Long Island, and although there were quite a few jack asses there, there were very few donkeys. Our neighbors had horses and they helped a lot with the basic information we needed but they didn’t know anything about donkeys either.

I turned to the Internet. After a lot of looking, I found:

I can not say enough about this great group of donkey owners! They took me by (the digital) hand and walked me through all the questions I had and they made sure I understood.

I became a member of this Yahoo Group and discovered that the founders also ran an equine (mostly donkey) rescue group and they did so at their OWN expense with the help of a few donations when they happened.

In the ten years I have been a member of that group, they have only asked TWICE for help. Today, I got the email reproduced below:

Hi everyone, Hole in the Head Gang Equine Rescue, a non-profit, all equine rescue, is seriously in need of donations for a non-chew-able shelter AND fencing. So far we have 1 donation, and that won’t do much for the materials we are in need of. I’m currently using our stock trailer as a shelter, because it’s sturdy metal. the last shelter gave up the ghost, because Dusty, a small standard donkey, ate its supports and all wooden patches to date, until the roof collapsed!!

Unfortunately, since the stock trailer cannot always be a shelter, we are seeking funding for a shelter made of pipe and corrugated metal sheeting. We would also like to enlarge the pen that the rescues are in, and cannot do that without your help. The current no-climb fencing has been used and abused something fierce, and is no longer any good. PLEASE DONATE TODAY, by going to our site: http://hithger.org

Thank you all very much,

Hole in the Head Gang Equine Rescue
Ginny Freeman – pres.

I immediately made a donation because these wonderful people have helped me so much. It was not a lot – I’m retired on Social Security – but at least it was something.

What I am asking you to do is to go to http://hithger.org and take a look at what they are doing. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a DONATE button. If you can donate $5 or $10 dollars or more, that would be wonderful. If you can not, at least think good thoughts toward this good organization and wish them well. Thank you.