Cities that accept community development block grants could be susceptible to federal meddling in local zoning laws under a new HUD rule proposed by the Obama administration

The Obama administration, in July 2013, quietly introduced a new regulation that critics say will dramatically increase Washington’s power over local zoning laws in every U.S. city and town that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

 Some are calling it the “Common Core of local zoning” that has flown under the radar for nearly a year. Instead of the U.S. Department of Education dictating education standards to local school districts, this rule change would allow HUD to influence zoning laws from the biggest cities down to the tiniest towns.

The proposed rule, which is set to take effect in October, would put teeth on the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by providing a set of standards, guidelines and goals that would use data to “measure” and “assess” how well a local community is meeting its Fair Housing obligations.

Some say the new rule could lead to “racial quotas” and will be exploited by HUD to aggressively absorb the nation’s swelling population of illegal immigrants into communities that are trying to keep them out.

HUD’s proposed “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule” showed up in the Federal Register on July 19, 2013. The rule has the backing of special-interest groups that promote open borders. One such group, with close ties to President Obama, is the Council of La Raza, which filed a public comment in favor of the rule.

La Raza said most illegal immigrants don’t know their rights and “fear deportation,” thus making them susceptible to housing discrimination.

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., defined the proposed rule in stark terms, saying it would lead to racial quotas and amounts to an “assault on the suburbs.”

He authored an amendment passed in the House of Representatives last month that would prohibit HUD from implementing the rule. The amendment was successfully attached to the Transportation, HUD and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for the 2015 fiscal year. A version of the bill has now been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. But with that body controlled by Democrats, Lee faces an uphill battle.

Gosar told WND Thursday he was encouraged that Lee had taken up the challenge.

“The proposed HUD Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule is another federal government mandate forced on the American people by an ideological administration looking to design a misguided utopian vision of local communities across the country,” Gosar said.

Cities and towns will start seeing HUD contracts related to block grants showing up in their agenda packets, most likely as part of the five-year consolidated plan for fair housing, which is required to keep getting the block grants. Many of the local councils will rubber stamp the agreements without ever knowing what’s in them, said Robert Romano, senior editor at Americans for Limited Government.

“It’s free money, right?” Romano said of HUD’s community development block grants. “Don’t consider what the strings attached are, don’t ask questions.”

He told WND that, starting in October, the rule will allow HUD “to come in and rezone an entire area” that doesn’t include enough affordable housing for a family that falls into any of HUD’s protected statuses based on race, religion, or national origin.

“La Raza is in favor of it so it looks like a plan to move illegals into peoples’ communities, against their will,” Romano said. “It also allows (the feds) to gerrymander for political purposes. It’s a way to get around whatever Republican gerrymandering had gone on after the 2010 election cycle. If they are doing this for low-income or disadvantaged purposes, well, what does that tell you? Low income tends to vote for Democrats.”

La Raza has raked in tens of millions of taxpayer dollars over the years and has seen its federal funding skyrocket since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House. Last summer, aJudicial Watch investigation uncovered government documents that show La Raza’s federal funding more than doubled the year its one-time senior vice president, Cecilia Muñoz, joined the Obama administration, first as White House director of intergovernmental affairs and then as director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

La Raza’s government cash boomed from $4.1 million to $11 million, according the internal documents obtained in Judicial Watch’s probe.

That type of incestuous activity is what Tom Fitton wrote about in his New York Times best-selling book, “The Corruption Chronicles.”

Fitton, president of Washington, D.C.-based Judicial Watch, said the new HUD regulation is yet another way for the Obama administration to divide communities along racial lines for its own political benefit.

“It’s classic Obama, Chicago-style, ACORN-style community organizing applied at large across the country,” he said. “The way it’s designed, it’s a dream regulation for the racial grievance industry. Basically, it empowers divisive groups like La Raza. It incorporates every liberal fantasy about the way American communities ought to organize themselves.”

Under these regulations, “You’d have the feds opining and complaining about where supermarkets are located. And it seems to incorporate the fraudulent ‘disparate impact theory,’ where it suggests that essentially race-neutral regulations will be seen as discriminatory if the impact is disparate along racial or other lines,” Fitton continued.

Disparate impact is a legal doctrine employed by the Fair Housing Act that says any policy can be determined discriminatory if it has a ‘disproportionate adverse impact’ against any minority group.

“The way it would work, any zoning that would have a disparate impact on immigrant communities, despite their being based on sensible reflection of good faith and people just wanting to make sure their communities are protected, would be impacted by these regulations,” Fitton said.

For example, if a city’s zoning laws favor home ownership as opposed to renting or favor single-family homes over multifamily apartments, it would be susceptible to allegations of a disparate impact on minorities.

Fitton predicts there will be an upswing in lawsuits if the rule goes into effect as planned.

“You’ll see lawsuits from groups like La Raza,” Fitton said. “It empowers the left to influence basic zoning rules. I don’t see a direct method of rewriting laws. But it’s the sort of thing that helps generate litigation.”

“It’s couched as voluntary when, in the end, everyone falls in line,” he said, “by dangling the (grant) money and suggesting that you are outside the law if you don’t comply. It’s an ideological regulation that fits perfectly in line with the president’s campaign promise, which he is keeping, to transform America.

“They pretend its all about numbers and measurements and just reporting data, it’s not about that,” Fitton continued. “It’s about changing the way people live, changing zoning laws, and putting in an extreme ideological agenda, a divisive ideological agenda, through regulation. We’ve seen it time and time again. Seen it most recently in Eric Holder’s comments (about ‘racial animus’ among those protesting illegal immigration). This administration is run by people who have a deep seeded racial resentment.”

HUD’s public affairs office did not respond Thursday to a request for comment on the new rule.

According to HUD’s own website, block grant recipients under the rule would be “required to sign a certification to affirmatively further fair housing.” As part of the city’s consolidated plan, these recipients are required to undertake fair housing planning, which consists of “an Analysis of Impediments (AI) to fair housing choice” as well as “actions to cover the effects of the identified impediments” and “maintenance of records to support the affirmatively furthering fair housing certification.”

Cities would be forced to implement “new measuring tools” and do new assessments showing how well they are “affirmatively furthering fair housing.”

Romano wrote in a recent blog, “It’s not enough to arbitrarily implement amnesty — whether through refusal to enforce existing law or congressional action — the federal government wants to draw the maps of where the new residents will live, forcing local communities to make room whether they like it or not.”

While the benefits of the new regulation to Democrats would seem obvious, the vote to kill the rule in the Republican-controlled House was surprisingly close at 219 to 207.

“Establishment politicians of both parties, especially those in the Republican Party, you use the phrase ‘fair housing,’ and they run for the hills,” Fitton told WND. “It’s an agenda that usually has nothing to do with fair housing, it’s a government power grab. That’s the clear and present danger of a regulation like this. It would have the practical impact that it could lead to the federalization of all zoning laws.”


Obama’s Request: 4 Times As Much to House Illegals as to Secure Border

That amount is more than four times the $433 million carved out for U.S. Border Patrol to help strengthen border security.

According to a breakdown by the White House, $1.8 billion in taxpayer dollars – around half the total emergency funding – will go directly to the Department of Health and Human Services to improve the detention conditions for unaccompanied minors and family units with children, many of whom are currently being held in overcrowded makeshift shelters along the U.S. border.

“This proposal would provide an additional $1.8 billion for HHS to provide the appropriate care for unaccompanied children, consistent with Federal law, while maintaining services for refugees,” the proposal reads.

The Department of Homeland Security reports more than 52,000 unaccompanied minors have entered the United States illegally since October, with thousands more family units with children flooding overcrowded Border Patrol stations daily.

While some illegal immigrants are being transported to additional facilities in Texas, Arizona, California and Oklahoma, Border Patrol stations along the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas are still struggling under an influx of more than 1,200 illegal aliens crossing the border every day. Many claim they are fleeing gang violence and extreme poverty in their home countries.

Many Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), have complained the breakdown of the $3.7 Obama requested doesn’t go far enough toward  securing the border and deporting the thousands of illegal aliens already being detained in the United States.

“The president wants $3.7 billion,” McCain told CNN’s “State of the Union”Sunday. “If this keeps up he’ll ask for another $3.7 billion next year.”

“There has to be a halt to this,” he continued. “That’s what we want, and the best way to do that is for planeloads of these young people to be returning to their country of origin and their families, who have spent as much as a year’s salary paying these coyotes, who are also in the business of $85 billion a year drug business, will not be able to get their money and send their kids north.

“As soon as they see their money is not effective in getting their kids to this country, it will stop, and not before. And as tragic and as terrible as this situation is, we cannot have an unending flow of children from all over the world, much less Central America, into our country,” McCain added.

The report shows $433 million would be given to Customs and Border Protection to help pay for increasing operational costs and overtime for Border Patrol agents, as well as medical and transportation services for illegal aliens in CBP custody and facility costs for illegal minors. Another $40 million would increase Border Patrol’s air surveillance capabilities, while an additional $29 million would go toward the joint task force with local law enforcement.

Another $1.1 billion will go to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if Congress approves the funding. About $116 million of this would help pay for transportation costs for unaccompanied children, while $109 million would be allocated for immigration and customs enforcement. Another $879 million will help pay for detaining and removing illegal aliens with children, as well as the “expansion of alternatives to detention programs.”

About $295 million will be spent helping Central American governments address their own border security and help them assess the “root causes” for the mass migration out of nations like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. These funds would also help repatriate illegal aliens from the U.S. back to their home countries.

Another $5 million will be spent on campaigns throughout Central America to help deter potential illegal immigrants from crossing the U.S. border illegally.

The Department of Justice will be given $64 million out of the emergency fund bucket. More than $45 million will go toward hiring more immigration judges and expanding the immigration judicial system to handle an additional 55,000 to 75,000 annual immigration cases.

Another $2.5 million will be spent on legal orientation for adults with children; $15 million will help provide legal services for illegal minors, and an additional $1.1 million will be used to hire more immigration attorneys.


Arizona Under Seige! Obama moving to flood Arizona communities with thousands of relocated illegal aliens

Arizona Under Seige!

Obama moving to flood Arizona communities with thousands of relocated illegal aliens

The U.S.-Mexican border is collapsing. Pres. Obama’s weakness and his kneecapping of immigration enforcement for 5 years have had the predicted effect. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already been smuggled into our country, with millions more to follow unless we act now to stop it.

These underage aliens, and the much larger group of adults, are crossing our border now because they’ve figured out that Obama will never deport them. Moreover, Obama seems to be planning for taxpayers to pick up the check for a lifetime of financial dependency, starting by moving thousands of them into Arizona communities. (See map below.)

This map shows where Obama is planning to resettle the newest illegal aliens

See map at:

NumbersUSA has an effective plan to stop this resettlement bulldozer right in its tracks. I’ll give the details below, but you need to know this first. AMERICA IS AT A CROSSROADS. IF WE LET THIS HAPPEN TO US, OUR SOVEREIGNTY IS AT GRAVE RISK.

As you’ve probably read by now, yesterday Obama asked Congress for $3.7 Billion to handle the situation at the border. If there ever was a Trojan Horse, this request is it. Rather than using the money to move these illegal aliens back to their countries of origin,Obama is planning to use a good deal of that money to resettle the illegal aliens in communities near you. Here’s what we’re doing to turn this situation around.

  • We’re alerting activists about every protest as the administration tries to set up refugee camps across the nation. Trust me — these protests will grow and grow. This kind of organizing is difficult and expensive. Help us!
  • Today our members are burning up the phone lines to Congress, demanding that Congress earmark the requested funds to expedite removals — not to “refugee” camps that will change our communities forever.
  • Our champion team of lobbyists are criss-crossing Capitol Hill, urging Members of Congress to protest against communities in their states being targeted. This is working. Many cities have been safeguarded because Congressmen took action.
  • Angry citizens around the nation are using our tools, like the interactive map above, already used by > 1 million people, to focus national attention on the cities that will be affected if Obama gets his way.

More Info:

Doctor Says Illegal Immigration’s Causing ‘Public Health Crisis’

Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said a public health crisis is emerging because illegal immigrants are carrying diseases across the border, and the Centers for Disease Control ought to get involved.

“We need the CDC involved — right now it’s Homeland Security,” Siegel said Monday on “Fox and Friends.”

Unlike legal immigrants, illegal immigrants obviously are not being screened for diseases, Siegel explained, and that’s a public health problem. “We’re not talking enough about the medical side of [illegal immigration],” he said.

The recent influx of illegal immigrants is reigniting worries over diseases, such as tuberculosis, scabies, dengue fever, measles and even leprosy.

Siegel said 10 to 25 percent of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. have scabies, which is a highly contagious skin condition with intense itching and a rash because of a mite. Tuberculosis is reemerging in a dangerous drug resistant strain, he added, and dengue fever, which causes fatigue and muscle aches, is emerging in Texas.

“Now, I don’t want to scare anyone there out there more than I already have,” Siegel continued. “Leprosy — extremely rare. And for dengue fever, you need mosquitoes … but they’re starting to breed now in south Texas. This is a major problem in Texas and Arizona now.”

Because of the disease risks, Dr. Siegel recommends that parents ensure their children are getting the proper vaccinations before the school year starts. He is also urging doctors to look for the signs of these diseases in their patients.

Source and video: