By Karen Schoen
November 1, 2014

Are you confused about why our government can not come up with clear policies? Why no one takes responsibility for their actions? Why there is a lack of COMMON SENSE? Lack of clarity?

Policies that fail to make sense but are expensive? Why Americans are ignored? Why America is ignored? Why Americans are made to feel guilty about hard-work ethics? Why reading and math skills are lacking? Why American Patriotism is demonized?

Everyone is asking why this is happening, yet no one has an answer?

The answer of that question is simple…SCHOOL

Common Core Standards (CCS) accomplishes the goal for a Global workforce. The purpose of education is: To confuse, so the child will only be capable of pressing an APP for answers. Ignorant people require less of their government. The government becomes the “NANNY STATE”, taking care of…and CONTROLLING… the ignorant populace!

CCS creates total reliance on the government with individuals incapable of making decisions. They can only make choices, the “choices” provided by their government.

Isn’t it curious that all of the talking heads can shout, “Close the border, Keep Americans safe.”

Yet legislators just talk with little accomplished. No commentator asks, “Why are our elected officials allowing the Destruction of America?”

The answer is simple: “THIS IS WHAT IS LEARNED IN SCHOOL.”

As Abe Lincoln said, “Whatever is learned in school today – is in government tomorrow.”

So what do our students learn?

America is not special. Eliminate borders. Bye, bye, America. Americans are Evil. Evil Americans who caused all of the world ills, must pay for those ills. School instills an American guilt complex. Therefore, America must be replaced with a New World Order – with a One-World Government, controlled by the United Nations. There are no truths, only values made up as we go along. Whatever works for that moment is fine as long, as you feel good about it. You are only one individual, your voice doesn’t count. You, alone, cannot make a difference. You must act as part of a group, for the sake of the group…for FAIRNESS, for SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Think of Star Trek, Spock’s Illogic:
“The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few”

The ends justify the means, so if I have no ethics and morality, that is OK – as long as I get my way. Actions have no consequences. You are not responsible for anything. Blame others for whatever happened to you, someone or something made you do it. The government must control your destiny because you are incapable of making decisions. The government must equate all problems to race and make Americans guilty so they will be willing to give up their freedoms, liberties and property…to those less fortunate. You now work to give away what you earn to those who don’t work. You must do without.

You must give to pay for those in power, to support their multiple houses, planes, vacations. You must give so the Elite can have. ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE YOU and TAKE CARE OF YOU, BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Don’t pay attention to Debt, the government will print more money. THE PLANET IS CROWDED AND MUST BE DEPOPULATED!

In 1989 –Bush 41 was President and bill Clinton was President of Governors Association (GOA). Both wanted global governance.

Dr Shirley McCune (McREL Foundation) at GOV Assoc meeting stated:
“Students are HUMAN CAPITAL. Education’s purpose is to train students to work. Purpose of Education is to Transform Society from individualism to collectivism. Fact-Based Education is no longer the primary focus of education.”

Education in the National Curriculum Standards is no longer about maintaining individual freedom and liberty as America. Instead, education has become about indoctrinating our children to accept citizenship in a future Global Village, which must be sustainable (controlled). Schools will teach work so individuals will be trained to fit into a Government sanctioned corporate job. DOE school programs over the years are the same, they just get fancy new names.

Goals 2000, Schools to Work, No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top follow International Benchmarks created by UNESCO. Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 embraces all ways in which people learn about the world around them, to develop values and lifestyles and assume their responsibilities as a Global Citizen to prepare for the future.

The purpose of education is: REPLACEMENT…
To replace the Family with School
To replace God with Government
To replace the US with the UN.

There is only 1 way to “bring America back” – Replace the curricula.
Americans can’t fight for America if they have no idea what America means.

For the last 100 years Americans have been led down the communist/progressive path. Bringing truth and American values back to the schools is the “peaceful revolution”. The behavior modification demonizing America is now part of our government compliments of the government schools. Unless we equate every government policy and issue back to school and show how this faulty value driven education has eliminated common sense while destroying America, we will never regain anything.

Example: Why does our Ebola policy not make sense?

It makes perfect sense to a Global citizen. Every country is the same. America is not special. We are citizens of the world and have no geographical boundaries. If the cure is in America then that is where victims should go. Who cares about the people living in America, NO ONE. After all there are too many people on the planet. Ebola will thin the heard only the strong will survive.

John Holdren, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Ron Klain to name a few continually talk about depopulation.

Stalin: “The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”

Students learn, individuals do not count – only the collective. You are only as good as your ability to work for the state. The sick and elderly are merely USELESS EATERS.

Don’t believe me? Check out this link:

“If we wish to reclaim public life from the small number of people who have captured it, we must also reclaim the language in which it is expressed. To know what we are talking about: this, in more than one sense, is the task of those who want a better world.” “Cleansing the Stock” | George Monbiot

Education is big business: Money, Power and Control.

Every district could eliminate CCS by refusing to implement the unfunded mandates…

Why are you taxing yourself… to implement programs you hate?

Why are you voting for the lesser of 2 evils when both support common core and you hate it?

Because YOU are part of the problem!
YOU believe the government / the party!

Ask your School Board: “How much money do you get from the feds/state to implement that program?”

I usually get an answer, 10-30% of budget. Then I ask how much does it cost you to implement the government program? 50-70% of budget is the answer.

So you get 20¢ and you are forced to spend 50¢ – Does that make sense?

The answer is always NO.

“Where are you going to get the extra funding to implement this program?”

More taxes is the answer.

Why are you agreeing to tax yourself to implement a program you hate?

Because school told people to do what the government commanded, not to think for yourself.

“Do you hate the Surveillance and Data Mining?”
Yes is the answer…Then why are you installing more bandwith for education?

If you want CCS stopped, STOP supporting higher taxes!!What do you think will come of that?
Answer: More Surveillance and Data Mining. More CONTROL!

CCS can not be fought intellectually. Trillions have been invested worldwide to make this program possible!! It will not go away easily or quietly.

Gates signed a contract – with UNESCO to implement


Think of all the money Gates will make, forcing all of the SHEEPLE…

to think as HE commands!

To do nothing means you agree. Pay attention to what your child is reading and doing. Correct all mistakes. Stop paying for meaningless education programs. Protect your children, your family and country. If not you, then who?

© 2014 Karen Schoen – All Rights Reserve


Apache Junction schools seeking 15 percent override

The Apache Junction Unified School District is asking voters to support a 15 percent budget, $3.5 million override in the Nov. 4 general election.

Voters rejected the district’s last override request in 2010.

This proposal would cost the owner of an average Apache Junction residence — valued at $108,420 — about $105 in property taxes annually.

The funds would be used to increase school security, boost teacher salaries, hire additional teachers, improve district technology and convert an elementary school into a “basics” specialty school.

District spokeswoman Dana Hawman said after the 2010 override request failed, the district was forced to close two schools, freeze salaries, cut jobs and dip into its cash reserves to maintain academic programs.

“Although the override is not a continuation, circumstances are such that a loss will still require some deep cuts to balance the budget,” she said by e-mail. “This is not a choice between status quo or better; it is a choice between decline or improvement.”


Arizona Democratic Gov. Candidate Fred DuVal Makes Shocking Statement On 14-Year Old’s Abortions … In A Church!

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal said that 14-year olds should be allowed to get abortions with no parental consent.

DuVal articulated his position on parental consent at a public forum Tuesday at Redemption Church in Gilbert, Ariz.

Pastor Tom Shrader, the host of the forum, asked DuVal for his view on notarized parental consent or parental notification for teenage abortions.

“Uh, consent, no. Because I believe that then gives the choice of reproductive freedom to the parents and not to the expectant mother and I believe the expectant mother has that…”

“And she’s 14,” the host clarified.

 “Yeah,” DuVal said quietly.

DuVal received an early endorsement from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. DuVal is currently running neck-in-neck for the governorship with Republican Doug Ducey.


Acton vows to continue campaign after Pinal County sheriff asks him to withdraw from race for constable

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is calling on John Acton, the Republican candidate for constable in the Apache Junction/San Tan Valley Justice Court, to formally withdraw from the race due to allegations of impersonating a police officer and falsifying his service as a Chicago police officer, according to a press release issued by the PCSO.

Mr. Acton said he will not back down.

“I respectfully disagree with the sheriff requesting my withdrawal from the race,” Mr. Acton said during a phone interview Oct. 9.

The men met for nearly 90 minutes Oct. 7 to listen and review documents that Mr. Acton said would prove his service as a police officer, according to the release.

“John Acton provided no such evidence yet offered a letter from the Chicago Transit Authority confirming he was security officer for nearly 11 years, not a certified Chicago police officer,” Sheriff Babeu said in the release. “Acton not only admitted to me that he never attended a police academy, my staff confirmed with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board that Acton has never been a sworn law enforcement officer with any police agency in Illinois in the past 50 years.”

Sheriff Babeu continued in the release, “Acton previously stated to me personally that he was a Chicago police officer for 26 years and arrested over 700 criminals. He claimed to have worked as a homicide detective, undercover investigations, violent street crimes unit and even that he was in a police shooting. It turns out that none of this information is true. This is worse than stolen honor by a military veteran who falsely claims combat service or medals for heroism, since Acton was never even a sworn police officer.”

Mr. Acton said he thought the matter had been cleared up during his conversation with Sheriff Babeu, he said during his interview Oct. 9 with the Independent.

“I met with (Sheriff Babeu) Tuesday and I thought we were friends. I guess not,” Mr. Acton said during his interview with the Independent. “I’ve stated the facts regarding my employment. I am a credible candidate and I will continue my campaign.”

During a phone interview later on Oct. 9, Mr. Acton said, “The sheriff simply has his facts wrong; he has no basis for his allegations. I just think the sheriff doesn’t like me because I beat his candidate (in the primary election). I do believe I am qualified and I do intend to continue with my campaign.”

In documents provided to the sheriff’s office and the Independent, Mr. Acton presented a letter from William Mooney, retired chief operating officer of the CTA. Mr. Mooney started his 34-year CTA career as a security officer and rose through the ranks to COO, according to the release.

Mr. Acton confirmed with the Independent that he called Mr. Mooney recently to request that he confirm his service as a police officer. Sheriff Babeu called Mr. Mooney to discuss the matter. According to the release, Mr. Mooney confirmed to Sheriff Babeu Mr. Acton was one of the 100 uniformed and armed security officers for CTA yet was adamant there were no such undercover operations that Mr. Acton claims.

Mr. Mooney said the CTA board was empowered to provide their security officers with police powers by the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act, according to the release. When the security force was disbanded in 1981, Mr. Acton no longer served as a security officer and was transferred into employment as a carpenter apprentice and later a full carpenter for CTA, according to the release.

According to the release, Sheriff Babeu asked Mr. Mooney if it was reasonable for a CTA security officer to claim that he was a Chicago police officer, to which Mr. Mooney replied, “No, sir. I have relatives that would roll over in their graves if I or any CTA security officer claimed they were a Chicago police officer.”

According to the release, when Sheriff Babeu asked Mr. Mooney about Mr. Acton calling him to verify his service as a police officer, Mr. Mooney reportedly replied, “‘John, I can’t do that. I’m surprised you didn’t know this — you were a security officer.”

The Independent spoke with Mr. Mooney by phone Oct. 9. He confirmed Mr. Acton had called him to request he verify his employment at the CTA. He also confirmed he had faxed a letter dated Oct. 6 to Mr. Acton, in which he wrote, in part, “… I can verify that I worked with you at the Chicago Transit Authority as a police office (sic) within their security department from June 1975 until 1978….”

Mr. Mooney told the Independent the job title was security officer. He added that for several years the CTA empowered its security officers with police powers. He said during his interview many employees who served during that period considered the terms “security officer” and “police officer” interchangeable.

“I was a police officer in Chicago, not a member of the Chicago police force,” Mr. Acton told the Independent during an interview Oct. 8.

Sheriff Babeu in the release said, “You can’t just say you’re an astronaut, military war hero or Chicago police officer unless it’s true. Acton has no business being an officer of the courts and I’ve asked him to formally withdraw his name from the ballot. This isn’t a case of extreme exaggeration but it appears to be a complete fabrication. Acton admitted to me this week that after he initially worked as a transit security officer for 11 years and when the security was disbanded in 1981, Acton then was employed as a carpenter for the remaining 14 years before retirement from CTA.”

Mr. Acton said his job as a carpenter was only his “cover” for his dangerous investigations into prostitution rings, gambling, organized crime and drug cartels, according to the release. When pressed for an explanation of how he performed these duties without law enforcement authority, Acton argued he had full law enforcement authority, according to the release. He initially refused to provide the names of anyone who could confirm his account and later admitted that the one person who knew he worked deep undercover was now deceased, according to the release.

According to the release, when questioned about his “shootout” as a police officer, Mr. Acton admitted that as a civilian, a criminal pointed a gun into his chest while attempting to rob him. When questioned why there was no records of his membership with the Fraternal Order of Police, Mr. Acton explained, “We had our own FOP chapter at transit and it was disbanded the same month,” according to the release.

“John Acton owes our community a sincere apology for these false claims of exemplary service and heroism as a Chicago police officer,” Sheriff Babeu said in the release. “John Acton attempted to gain instant credibility by his false claims and asserted greater qualifications than his political opponents for this elected constable post, which may be the basis for felony criminal charges of fraud (class 2 Felony). John Acton may have been a great security officer and the finest carpenter for the transit authority yet that doesn’t make him an actual Chicago police officer.”

Mr. Acton says he has told the truth.

“It’s a shame that something like this would come out after all I’ve done and been through,” he said during his interview Oct. 8. “You feel bad when someone said you lied. Trust me, I did not lie.


Arizona Dem Fred DuVal’s Driving License Problem

Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval / AP

October 13, 2014 12:03 pm

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal lost his driver’s license for failing to pay a fine, but continued to drive anyway.

The Arizona Republic reports:

DuVal’s license was suspended in June, consultant Rodd McLeod told The Arizona Republic. DuVal continued to drive during the suspension, McLeod said, but “had no idea the license had been suspended.”

DuVal received a ticket in December for turning right on a red light without coming to a full stop, McLeod said. A red-light camera captured the violation and DuVal received a ticket in the mail a short time later.

Also revealed is that DuVal gets tickets all the time. In less than a four year span between Nov. 30, 2004, and Sept. 4, 2008, DuVal got thirteen traffic offenses, seven of which were for speeding.


Saddam Hussein’s Consultant Threw Party For Arizona Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Fred DuVal

People of Arizona – take notice

Saddam Hussein’s consultant threw a lavish farewell party for Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal when DuVal left his career in the Clinton administration in 2001 to move to Arizona.

Lobbyist and notorious Washington insider Edward J. von Kloberg III, who died in 2005, served as a public affairs consultant for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, longtime Congo dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, and the late authoritarian Liberian president Samuel K. Doe among other world leaders that von Kloberg called “the damned” or “the impossible” to represent. Von Kloberg wasrumored to be attempting to sign up North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il in 2001.

“Shame is for sissies,” von Kloberg said of his business practices.

DuVal apparently felt no shame in being the guest of honor at a von Kloberg party, or in accepting praise from von Kloberg, when DuVal left the nation’s capital for Arizona after serving in Bill Clinton’s White House and State Department.

“Mr. Von Kloberg’s double penthouse on Cathedral Avenue NW was filled Wednesday night when about 150 guests stopped by to wish Mr. DuVal well as he departs for Arizona,” the Washington Times reported on June 1, 2001. “It all was impressive, even for members of the diplomatic corps, most of whom certainly have seen their fill of ribbon-and-medal honor ceremonies.”

Von Kloberg reportedly said in remarks at the party that DuVal “arrived with the idealistic notion that what we do here really matters” and that DuVal’s “idealism still burns brightly.”

 He greeted party guests while “Donning black slippers embroidered with a devil holding a pitchfork,” the Washington Diplomat reported.

“Through Fred’s work at the State Department he occasionally encountered Mr. Von Kloberg, who was known as a shameless self-promoter within the Washington diplomatic corps, at diplomatic receptions and events,” DuVal campaign spokesman Geoff Vetter explained to The Daily Caller, calling their association an “acquaintanceship” and criticism of their relationship a “smear.”

DuVal is currently locked in a dead-heat race with Republican Doug Ducey for the governorship in November.


Is government HIDING the cause of enterovirus?

With the way our education system is run today, kids have to fight enough garbage just to learn a thing or two.

They’re fighting overcrowded classrooms… math classes held in outdoor trailers… and administrative boobs you wouldn’t trust to run a hot dog stand.

But lately kids everywhere are locked in a fight that only a handful of folks (and I’m one of them) ever saw coming. A fight for their lives.

Enterovirus D68 is spreading like a brushfire. From Kansas to Colorado, kids are developing symptoms that start out like flu — and the next thing you know, they’re strapped to ventilators and fighting limb paralysis that looks an awful lot like polio.

And the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” — our government — STILL claims it doesn’t have a clue why our kids are getting sick.

But there may be more to the enterovirus epidemic than garden-variety government incompetence. In fact, a growing list of health experts claim Uncle Sam may be intentionally keeping you in the dark about this health terror.

And it’s all because Obama and pals don’t want you to know that their boneheaded, politically correct policies may have unleashed this health scourge on America’s kids.

Dr. Jane Orient, the head of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, recently claimed that the government is being unusually tight-lipped about enterovirus. And the reason may be because our government goons don’t want to admit that illegal immigrant kids are spreading the disease.

For years our government has been threatening to withhold education from your kids unless they’re getting more medical care than the pope. I’m talking about checkups, potentially dangerous vaccines… you name it.

Meanwhile, these same nanny state apologists are enrolling illegal immigrant kids — some of them incredibly sick and in desperate need of medical care — in public schools.

Orient is wondering aloud whether the hunt for enterovirus should start with “these countries that are just sending waves of children across our border and they haven’t been quarantined long enough to make sure they’re not sick?”

Well, that’s an excellent place to start. Because this isn’t some nutty health conspiracy, my friend. We may be just weeks from confirming it as scientific fact.

Just last year, an American research unit in Peru studied a runaway enterovirus affecting young people across Latin America. And tens of thousands of “unaccompanied minors” from these countries have entered America illegally since.

Just months ago, I told you how our government was quarantining some sick, illegal kids on a Texas Air Force base, and they were seeing just about every illness known to mankind.

It’s time for our government to come clean on the enterovirus outbreak and remember that, when it comes to the health of our kids, Robert Frost had some excellent advice.

Good fences make good neighbors.


Meet Your LOCAL Apache Junction Candidates 10/08/2014

The AJ News, Northern Pinal County Democrats and AJ Education Association have joined together to present a non-partisan forum, bringing candidates for federal, state and local offices to AJ.
Candidates for AJUSD School Board, LD16 House, LD16 Senate, CD4 House and AJUSD Override Proposition will be at the Forum.
The Forum will be held at the Apache Junction Multi Generation Center on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at 6:30pm.
Apache Junction Multi Generational Center