Is government HIDING the cause of enterovirus?

With the way our education system is run today, kids have to fight enough garbage just to learn a thing or two.

They’re fighting overcrowded classrooms… math classes held in outdoor trailers… and administrative boobs you wouldn’t trust to run a hot dog stand.

But lately kids everywhere are locked in a fight that only a handful of folks (and I’m one of them) ever saw coming. A fight for their lives.

Enterovirus D68 is spreading like a brushfire. From Kansas to Colorado, kids are developing symptoms that start out like flu — and the next thing you know, they’re strapped to ventilators and fighting limb paralysis that looks an awful lot like polio.

And the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” — our government — STILL claims it doesn’t have a clue why our kids are getting sick.

But there may be more to the enterovirus epidemic than garden-variety government incompetence. In fact, a growing list of health experts claim Uncle Sam may be intentionally keeping you in the dark about this health terror.

And it’s all because Obama and pals don’t want you to know that their boneheaded, politically correct policies may have unleashed this health scourge on America’s kids.

Dr. Jane Orient, the head of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, recently claimed that the government is being unusually tight-lipped about enterovirus. And the reason may be because our government goons don’t want to admit that illegal immigrant kids are spreading the disease.

For years our government has been threatening to withhold education from your kids unless they’re getting more medical care than the pope. I’m talking about checkups, potentially dangerous vaccines… you name it.

Meanwhile, these same nanny state apologists are enrolling illegal immigrant kids — some of them incredibly sick and in desperate need of medical care — in public schools.

Orient is wondering aloud whether the hunt for enterovirus should start with “these countries that are just sending waves of children across our border and they haven’t been quarantined long enough to make sure they’re not sick?”

Well, that’s an excellent place to start. Because this isn’t some nutty health conspiracy, my friend. We may be just weeks from confirming it as scientific fact.

Just last year, an American research unit in Peru studied a runaway enterovirus affecting young people across Latin America. And tens of thousands of “unaccompanied minors” from these countries have entered America illegally since.

Just months ago, I told you how our government was quarantining some sick, illegal kids on a Texas Air Force base, and they were seeing just about every illness known to mankind.

It’s time for our government to come clean on the enterovirus outbreak and remember that, when it comes to the health of our kids, Robert Frost had some excellent advice.

Good fences make good neighbors.


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