Arizonans are well acquainted with Fishwrap news

The Washington Examiner, using the provocative headline “Fishwrap: Just 2% of younger Americans trust media to ‘do the right thing,’” reports media limps in dead last among institutions younger voters trust. The Examiner cites a new Harvard University survey.

In the school’s Institute of Politics poll of over 3,000 18-29-year-olds, a miniscule 12 percent said they believe the media do the right thing. A whopping 88 percent said “sometimes” or “never.” Just 2 percent said they trusted the media to do the right thing “all of the time,” and 39 percent said “never.”

Here in Arizona, the daily statewide newspaper (the Periódico de la República de Arizona /Arizona Republic) is an agenda driven, far-left structure, teamed with the local Gannett owned NBC affiliate KPNX News 12. With all pretenses gone, they are now housed in the same building, facilitating their ability to use one another to substantiate their own skew.  This dual deception would be an engrossing study if not for the fact that, working in tandem, they foist the their pet issues on an often unsuspecting consumer base, who trust that the once noble profession of journalism still exists.

The poll results, best to worst:

Q – How often do you trust each of them to do the right thing?

1 – Scientists

— All/Most 56%

— Sometimes/Never 44%

2 – The United States military

— All/Most 53%

— Sometimes/Never 46%

3 – Your local police department

— All/Most 49%

— Sometimes/Never 50%

4 – Supreme Court

— All/Most 42%

— Sometimes/Never 58%

5 – United Nations

— All/Most 37%

— Sometimes/Never 62%

6 – President Obama

— All/Most 36%

— Sometimes/Never 63%

7 – Your local government

— All/Most 33%

— Sometimes/Never 67%

8 – Your state government

— All/Most 30%

— Sometimes/Never 69%

9 – Federal government

— All/Most 26%

— Sometimes/Never 74%

10 – Congress

— All/Most 18%

— Sometimes/Never 82%

11 – Wall Street

— All/Most 14%

— Sometimes/Never 86%

12 – The media

— All/Most 12%

— Sometimes/Never 88%

Bloomberg Targets Arizona

The Second Amendment is the one thing that keeps this Republic whole.  When laws become too oppressive we can collectively say NO!

In 2014, Washington state voters passed the Bloomberg financed I-594 “universal background check” ballot measure achieving gun owner registration in the Evergreen State.  Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety bragged about spending more than $4 Million, with a paid staff of 6, to push I-594.  Again, 6 fulltime employees with a budget of $4 Million focused on a single goal – gun owner registration in Washington.  Overall, Bloomberg and his billionaire buddies sank over $10 Million into the passage of I-594.   The “gun lobby” spent only a fraction of that in opposition of I-594.

In early 2015 the battleground shifted to Nevada and Oregon.  In Nevada, Bloomberg managed to meet the requirements to get a gun owner registration measure on the 2016 ballot.  In Oregon, the anti-rights majority in the Legislature is fast-tracking a gun owner registration bill.  It is expected to be signed by their governor.

Arizona is Bloomberg’s ultimate target!  We have Constitutional Carry and have twice been declared the number one state for gun owners by Guns and Ammo magazine.  As in Washington and Nevada, Bloomberg will exploit the Arizona Constitution’s “citizens’ initiative” process to get a gun owner registration measure on the 2016 ballot.

Make no mistake about this.  Bloomberg is in Arizona.  His Mayors Against Illegal Guns registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2013.  In December 2014, this entity changed its name to the Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund. This is the same organization that spent $4 Million in Washington last year.

During the 2015 legislative session, Bloomberg-friendly legislators filed 4 virtually identical bills to establish gun owner registration in Arizona.  We were able to stop these bills early in the session.   However, when Everytown got wind of HB 2431, the AzCDL-requested interstate compact bill that would have put a stake through the heart of Bloomberg’s pending ballot measure, they hired the Dorn Policy Group to lobby against your rights.  They were successful in getting the Senate Leadership to stall progress on HB 2431 while the clock ran out on the session.

The 2015 legislative session was just a taste of what we are facing.  There will be a gun owner registration measure on Arizona’s 2016 ballot unless we stop it.  We can defeat Bloomberg in the legislature, and at the ballot box, but only with your active involvement.  There are enough gun owners in Arizona to defeat Bloomberg’s ballot measure.  Spread the word.  Tell your friends!  Volunteer to help at gun shows.  Join AzCDL.  Renew your memberships.

These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.

Pinal County Supervisors Are Spending YOUR Tax Dollars!

I received the following email from Americans for Prosperity.  It speaks for itself.

Dear Pinal County Taxpayer:

Watch out for your Pinal County Board of Supervisors! They are deciding on how to spend YOUR precious tax dollars RIGHT NOW as they prepare the Fiscal Year 2016 budget.

Here are the scores for your local elected officials from the Americans For Prosperity AZ Fiscal Year 2015 Local Government Scorecard:

Supervisors Cheryl Chase, Todd House, Stephen Miller, Pete Rios, and Anthony Smith earned the designation of “Friend of Big Government” for what we believe was an excessive budget increase.  For Fiscal Year 2015, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to increase the county budget by 20 percent.

AFP-Arizona’s Local Government Scorecard for the 2015 fiscal year covered over 100 Arizona cities, counties and special-purpose taxing districts, and over 680 local officials.  The Scorecard graded local officials on overall budgets, property tax levies and major sales tax changes, and included yearly scores for current officials going back to the 2008 fiscal year, as well as cumulative averages.

To view AFP-Arizona’s FY 2015 Local Government Scorecard, which includes cumulative scores for FYs 2008-2015, visit the AFP-Arizona website.

Keep your local elected officials accountable for what they do with your tax dollars!

For Liberty!

Krystal Slivinski

Arizona Policy Director

Americans for Prosperity

[EXCLUSIVE] Former Secretary of State Bennett likely not finished running for office

[Q&A] by Phil Riske | Managing Editor

The former state Senate President, who was elected secretary of state, but lost a bid for governor in 2014, Ken Bennett is now employed by the Arizona Supreme Court. Rose Law Group Reporter interviewed him recently by e-mail.

What are you working on at the court? I am working in the Government Affairs Group with Jerry Landau and Amy Love. We monitor legislation and budget decisions that affect the court system. My emphasis is on budgetary matters, including helping identify areas where we can be more efficient, but also helping legislators understand how the court budget works and where we can cut and where we can’t.

What are your observations of legislative actions since you left the Senate? It was painful to watch the economy and some decisions during Governor Napolitano’s last couple of years put the state in such a fiscal crisis, from which we still haven’t recovered. Some could not have been avoided, but much of it could have been. We also missed (and continue to miss) an opportunity to restructure our tax revenue system, which would help us grow the economy faster and smooth out wild fluctuations in our revenues and spending.

What was your most important accomplishment as secretary of state? Building strong working relationships with the counties and a service-first attitude throughout the office.

Did you choose to run for that office with the thought it could enhance a gubernatorial run?No, I was appointed to finish Secretary Brewer’s term. Running for re-election was an easy decision because I was enjoying the job and I felt we were adding value to the state. Becoming governor is always in the back of your mind when you’re in the #2 position, but, as we experienced, that’s never a sure thing.

Why did Ducey win? Resources and relationships. He did a very good job of building a network of political and financial supporters. That added to his personal resources allowed him to sell a sound and winning message: improving education and the economy.

Do you think you’ll ever seek public office again? Yes. I enjoy public service, and I think I can provide leadership and add value in several potential levels.

Do you still have involvement in the energy business? Not right now. I sold my interest in our family’s fuel company (Bennett Oil) before I ran for governor. I am still involved in the energy-efficient building technology company.

What’s your take on the fight between utilities and the solar industry over rooftop solar taxes? Do you support such taxes or fees? New technology is disrupting long-standing assumptions, structures and processes. Some fee to maintain the grid is reasonable, and the [Arizona Corporation Commission] will eventually find a fair balance, but we should rethink if/why things need to be as regulated as they once were.


What’s Going On With The Arizona GOP?

Republican PCs threatened with arrest at AZ GOP HQs

First person account of April 18, 2015 AZ GOP newly closed executive meeting by LD 28 PC

Republican Party elected Precinct Committeemen attempted to gain entrance to the Republican Party executive meeting this morning  They were told that they were not authorized to attend the meeting.

The Republican Party PCs very calmly stood in the parking lot of the Republican Party Headquarters. They were met by Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies who threatened to arrest them for trespassing if they did not leave the parking lot.

The committeemen were told they could stand on the public sidewalk and they moved to the sidewalk as requested. I  (James Alberts ) asked the deputies who told them to arrest us for trespassing . They said their supervisor who was not at the Republican Party office.

I suggest that they go ahead and arrest me. I’m a registered Republican, and a Republican Party PC. I asked if there was an member of the Republican Party executive staff in the building who would come out and order me off the property. Deputies were very polite and said no we have our orders to arrest anyone refusing to leave the 24th Street Republican Party property in Phoenix.

We were considered protesters and forced to leave the property. When the Republican Party Sergeant-at-Arms (Alberto Gutier) came out of the building I reentered the property and identified myself and asked to be arrested for trespassing. At that time the Sergeant-at-Arms told the deputies not to arrest me, saying that I would cause a field day for the Democrats.

I responded by saying, “No, Robert Hussein Graham and the executive staff are causing the Democrats to have a field day with this, not me!”

James Alberts

PC LD-28


For additional background on this deplorable state of affairs, read “Need more proof of McCain chokehold on AZGOP?


Apache Junction annual event to celebrate Earth Day and Mother Nature April 18

This costumed young lady reminds people about the annual ladybug release that is part of April 18’s Earth Day celebration. (By AJ Parks and Rec., Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA) Updated April 13, 2015

Mountain Health and Wellness, Apache Junction Parks and Recreation and other supporters have partnered to host the Third Annual Earth Day Celebration and Ladybug Release.

This family-friendly outdoor event will take place 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, April 18, at EarthHeart Park, 625 N. Plaza Drive in Apache Junction, according to a press release.

This free event will offer live music, dancing, face-painting, art projects such as creating a community ladybug mural, pictures with a gnome, an inflatable obstacle course, appearances by Mr. and Mrs. Garden Gnome, piñata-breaking and free raffles every 30 minutes. Kids should wear clothes they can get wet in as there will be a water obstacle course to navigate.

In addition, Paws and Claws Animal Care Center will participate this year and will bring dogs and cats to be available for adoption.

There will be vendors present selling fresh organic produce, honey, baked goods and other farm fresh products as well as health promotion and wellness items. There will also be numerous vendors selling art and fine crafts. The Superstition Arts and Cultural Alliance will be inviting young people to paint lady bugs that will then be placed onto two mural panels to be installed in the park after the event.

Chef Michael Serna will be grilling free veggie samples as well as preparing fruit cups to encourage healthier eating habits. Other food items will be available for sale by vendors.

This event has gained notoriety for its release of thousands of ladybugs into the 24 raised garden beds found in EarthHeart Park. The release will begin at 10 a.m.

“Frontier Ace Hardware has always been a big supporter of EarthHeart Park and donates the beautiful ladybugs that are released into the garden beds. This year Bonnie Plants and Miracle Grow have helped with the creation of a new garden bed that will be ready just in time for the release of the ladybugs,” Gustavo McGrew, director of wellness services at Mountain Health and Wellness, said in a press release.

Other scheduled events include free wellness workshops with a tai chi demonstration by Jennifer McGraw at 9 a.m., yoga with Sharron Corrigan at 10 a.m. and a demonstration by Jean Buckborough of how to make healthy chocolate edibles at 11 a.m.

The entertainment schedule includes performances by mariachi group Sones del Desierto at 9 a.m., youth rock band Street Lights at 11 a.m. and United Dance Crew at noon.

Additional sponsors include: Cenpatico, Mercy Care Group, Home Depot, Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent, Today’s Comedy/Oldies 93.3 and the Apache Junction Wellness Partnership.

Visitors may bring blankets, chairs and an umbrella for seating and cover on the grass area near the entertainment stage.

For more information on this program, e-mail Mr. McGrew at, call the AJ Multi-Generational Center at 480-474-5240 or visit


McCain urged IRS to target conservatives

And you thought McCain had confined himself to purging conservative elected Precinct Committeemen from the Arizona Republican Party *

John McCain

The Washington Examiner headlines, “Sens. McCain and Levin urged IRS to target Tea Party, conservative groups,”  and follows up with this blockbuster report. It’s doubtful you’ll find this revelation in the pages of the ArizonaRepublic newspaper.

Excerpted from the report:

According to Judicial Watch officials who obtained the latest batch of documents after a federal judge issued a court order in one of the Judicial Watch’s lawsuits about the IRS’ abuses, “A May 1, 2013, email exchange between Lois Lerner and other top IRS staffers revealed that 11 days prior to Lerner’s admission that the IRS had “inappropriately” targeted conservative groups, she met with select top staffers from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in a “marathon” meeting to discuss concerns raised by both Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Senator McCain had been the chief sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Act and called the Citizens United decision, which overturned portions of the Act, one of the ‘worst decisions I have ever seen.’”

* McCain operatives have worked to eradicate conservative PC’s in a concerted effort to replace them with mavericky moderates after McCain was embarrassingly censured by elected Republican state committeemen in 2014. This year many committeeman booed McCain and others turned their backs to him as he addressed the gathering.


Americans opting out of Common Core tests in droves

Across the United States, concerned parents and students are refusing to participate in new tests aligned with the federal government’s Common Core state standards, and international journalist and educator Alex Newman could not be more excited about it.

“The explosive growth of the opt-out movement has been one extremely encouraging development in a sea of bad news when it comes to government education in the United States,” Newman told WND. “As more and more parents and teachers realize what is going on with Common Core, I expect this movement to continue growing by leaps and bounds.”

Newman, the co-author of “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” believes Common Core and its affiliated tests are not just ineffective but dangerous.

“There is no doubt that this Obama scheme to nationalize education is designed not to educate children properly, but to shape their minds with propaganda and reduce their critical thinking abilities for nefarious purposes,” Newman said. “As we show in our new book (“Crimes of the Educators”), rather than improve education, Common Core is the next phase in the education establishment’s destruction of American children. One state lawmaker with an education degree told me this plot was ‘state-sponsored child abuse.’ He is right.”

Read the details about your children’s schools, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”

Many parents and students appear to have reached a similar conclusion, choosing to opt out of the Common Core tests. For example, nearly 1,000 students in the Portland, Oregon, Public School District have opted out of taking the new Smarter Balanced tests scheduled for later this month. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is one of two federally funded multi-state consortia in charge of developing tests aligned with Common Core standards.

In Pacific Grove, California, one mother told local news station KION that she chose to withdraw her fifth-grade son from this month’s SBAC test upon discovering the test would not affect her son’s grades.

The mother also said she didn’t know she was allowed to opt out until another parent mentioned it. While California parents are allowed to make that choice, school districts don’t generally mention it to them.

That seems to be the case elsewhere as well. In Kennebunk, Maine, several parents complained at a school board meeting that their district did not make it clear their students had a right to opt out of the new SBAC test. The assistant superintendent had sent parents a letter describing the new Common Core-aligned test, but parents claimed the letter didn’t give information on how to opt out.

Newman, who has written extensively on education issues in the U.S. and worldwide, said states have different policies on opting out of the Common Core testing regime. Some claim the exams are mandatory, while others clearly give parents and students the right to refuse. Regardless of what a state’s laws are, Newman believes people always have a right to refuse what he sees as federal encroachment on a child’s education.

“Government does not own your children, so regardless of what bureaucrats and politicians in some especially radical states say, parents need to absolutely stand firm to protect their kids and their privacy,” Newman said. “We cannot allow government to usurp parents’ role in raising children and making decisions on education or anything else.

“Bureaucrats making lawless threats against parents and children who refuse to be subjected to this unconstitutional invasion of privacy are way out of line and need to be held accountable by voters, taxpayers, and our elected officials. Parents should research the law in their state carefully, but we must never allow ourselves to be intimidated by these lawless threats.”

It’s not just parents and students who oppose Common Core. Some teachers oppose it as well, and in one Seattle school district, the students are saving their teachers the trouble of protesting. At Garfield High School, the site of a 2013 testing boycott, roughly half the juniors have refused to take the new Smarter Balanced tests. Therefore, teachers who oppose the tests have said they don’t feel the need to protest this time around.

New York State has seemingly been the center of the opt-out movement. The Washington Post reported that about 60,000 New York students refused to take the state’s Common Core-aligned tests last year, and even more are expected to decline this year.

That anti-Common Core spirit was on display Tuesday in New Paltz, when more than 100 students, parents and teachers held a rally to call on families in their region to boycott the tests.

New York state law makes no provision for parents to opt out of the tests, although some state lawmakers want to change that. Assemblyman Dean Murray, a Republican, recently sponsored a bill to allow students to refuse the tests without negative consequences.

Newman believes students should refuse Common Core tests regardless of any threats of punishment, because he sees the alternative as far worse: a dumbed-down population that lacks privacy.

“These federally funded Common Core tests are being used to gather unimaginable amounts of private data on your child for the federal government – records that will follow him or her from ‘cradle to career,’ as Obama officials put it, and beyond,” Newman warned.

But Newman is encouraged by the opt-out movement, believing it could  stop the education establishment from achieving its goals.

“Because the federally funded national testing regime is so crucial to both the Orwellian data-mining and the alignment of school curricula with Common Core, I think the opt-out movement may play a major role in derailing the whole abomination,” Newman said.

“Parents who love their children and do not want the federal government creating invasive dossiers on them need to educate themselves and refuse to participate in this nightmarish scheme foisted on America by an out-of-control Obama administration. Our children deserve better.”