Pinal County Supervisors Are Spending YOUR Tax Dollars!

I received the following email from Americans for Prosperity.  It speaks for itself.

Dear Pinal County Taxpayer:

Watch out for your Pinal County Board of Supervisors! They are deciding on how to spend YOUR precious tax dollars RIGHT NOW as they prepare the Fiscal Year 2016 budget.

Here are the scores for your local elected officials from the Americans For Prosperity AZ Fiscal Year 2015 Local Government Scorecard:

Supervisors Cheryl Chase, Todd House, Stephen Miller, Pete Rios, and Anthony Smith earned the designation of “Friend of Big Government” for what we believe was an excessive budget increase.  For Fiscal Year 2015, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to increase the county budget by 20 percent.

AFP-Arizona’s Local Government Scorecard for the 2015 fiscal year covered over 100 Arizona cities, counties and special-purpose taxing districts, and over 680 local officials.  The Scorecard graded local officials on overall budgets, property tax levies and major sales tax changes, and included yearly scores for current officials going back to the 2008 fiscal year, as well as cumulative averages.

To view AFP-Arizona’s FY 2015 Local Government Scorecard, which includes cumulative scores for FYs 2008-2015, visit the AFP-Arizona website.

Keep your local elected officials accountable for what they do with your tax dollars!

For Liberty!

Krystal Slivinski

Arizona Policy Director

Americans for Prosperity

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