Superstition Mountain Republican Club monthly meeting May 12th


The  Superstition  Mountain  Republican  Club  will  be  holding  its monthly  meeting  May  12th  in  the  back  room  of  the  Mirage Sports  Grill  in  Apache  Junction.  It  is  located  at  the  far  east end  of  the  Ace  Hardware  complex.  The  event  will  begin  at 6:30   p.m.   until   8   p.m.   You   are   invited   to   come   early   to purchase  a  meal  and  enjoy  fellowship  with  current  and  future members.

Representative   Kelly   Townsend   and   Representative   Doug Coleman   will   be  featured   with   focus  on   what   took   place during  the  past  legislative  session  including  the  budget.  This will  be  an  audience  participation  event  with  questions  coming from  the  audience..  This  will  not  be  a  campaign  event.    

The Superstition  Mountain  Republican  Club  President  Gil  Cancio invites  all  those  in  the  area  wishing  to  know  more  about  what our  officials  are  thinking  in  terms  of  handling  the  multitude  of issues  facing  our  state  today  to  attend  this  hour  and  half  long event.  As  response  times  will  be  limited,  the  format  should provide plenty of time for a wide array of questions.We  would  like  to  extend  an  invitation  to  anyone  who  is  a registered  republican  to  come  and  join  the  organization.  The annual  cost  is  $15.00  per  individual  and  $20.00  per  couple. We    are    always    looking    for    fresh    ideas    and    lively conversations. 

If  you  have  any  further  questions  you  can  call  Gil  Cancio  at 480-435-7161 or Jeff Struble at 480-694-5100. We  look  forward  to  seeing  everyone  May  12th  at  the Mirage Sports Bar.

Jeff Serdy for Mayor of Apache Junction

I’ve known Jeff Serdy for 10 or 11 years now and he is a sincere and caring person.  He wants what’s best for Apache Junction and wants it to grow in positive and productive directions.  A vote for Jeff Serdy IS a vote FOR Apache Junction.

Mark Hawthorne, Editor/Publisher Pinal County People


I hate going to the Dentist. It was never a pleasant experience for me. When I retired, I lost my dental insurance but that really didn’t bother me as I hadn’t any plans to see a dentist. Three or four years ago, when I still had insurance, my tooth started hurting like it was going to need a root canal. I’m pretty good at identifying the different pains my body has had so I made an appointment with the dentist I had been using. I told him what I thought and he looked in my mouth for about 20 seconds and said “No, you need a crown.” He then started drilling, scraping, and shaping the tooth  and stopped and said “Ya know, I think you need a root canal.” He had his technician make up a temporary crown and then referred me to another dentist because he did not do root canal procedures. Needless to say, I was quite angry. I never went back to him nor did I go to the dentist he referred me to. The “temporary crown” held up until last night when it broke into pieces. Great. Now what was I gonna do? I didn’t know any dentists in my area but I sure needed one to take care of my problem. The tooth started to hurt – like it had three years of not hurting to make up for.

A while back, my wife got a flyer in the mail from Canyon Vista Dental Care, located at 110 S. Idaho Rd., Apache Junction, AZ. Wise woman that she is, she filed it with her myriad of miscellaneous stuff. She handed it to me and said “Call ’em.” So I did. I called just before 11:00 AM thinking I probably would not get an appointment until Monday (this was a Friday). To my surprised relief they told me to come in at 1:00 PM this same day! The lady on the telephone was quite pleasant. She did not snicker too loudly when I told her of my “temporary crown” but that was my own doing so I couldn’t blame her.

I get to the office, fill out some forms with my personal information and then I sat there and waited. All of about six or seven minutes. They called me in and took me to one of their treatment areas. I had about a ten minute wait there but that time was well used by a preliminary exam and X-Rays done by the dental hygienist, Heather. Very soon after that, Dr. Standage came in and introduced himself. One must keep in mind I am 70 years old. Dr. Standage looked like one of my son’s friends when he was just a young child. I said a silent prayer that he had done well in Dental College. The Dr. discussed my options with me and I opted to have the tooth extracted. Heather and Tom, another dental hygienist, proceeded to numb the area in and around the tooth.

The procedure begins. Dr. Standage, armed with an array of what appeared to me to be medieval torture devices, started the extraction. That old tooth did not want to budge. The Doctor continued his efforts from a variety of angles – never hurting me once I might add – and the tooth finally loosened. I could feel it let go. It still did not want to come completely out though. It took him another 15 minutes or so before the tooth let go completely and painlessly came out. He really had to work at it and I have to say it was the most painless tooth extraction I have ever had.

Heather gave me some gauze pads to slow and stop any bleeding and Dr. Standage gave me a prescription for antibiotics to prevent any infection. In a little over and hour I was done and on my way home.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know that there is another person out there who hates going to the dentist as much as I do. I know that he or she fears them and has little if any trust in them. I know that if they give Canyon Vista Dental Care a try they will be glad they did. Incidentally, I am not being paid to write this review. I was moved to write it by the good service and professional care they gave me. Why not give them a try when that foreboding realization that you need a dentist becomes apparent to you. Their telephone number is 480-982-0782 and you can find them on the Internet at